The Importance of Quality Time with your Children

Weekend at Grandparents

What are your parenting goals? If you were to think about your main goals that you have as a parent, what would they be? I think many of us have similar goals when it comes to parenting. Spending quality time with your children will help you achieve the following goals: To Raise healthy and happy children. To Ensure your children feel loved. To Teach your children the importance of respect and kindness. To find ways to truly connect with your children as they grow. To maintain communication with your children on a daily basis. Last week, I wrote about Quality … Continue reading

Quality Time 30 Day Happy Child Challenge

Quality Time

Are you a busy parent who only wants the best for your children? Do you struggle to find enough time in the day to get what NEEDS to get done, let alone spending quality time with your children? If you answered YES to either or both of these questions, this challenge is for you! Sometimes, making goals, specific reachable goals, and making a plan to achieve those goals makes it much easier to succeed. Sometimes, instead of making what I call a “blanket goal” (e.g. from now on, I will spend more quality time with my children), you might be … Continue reading

Back to School Bedtime Routine Ideas

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I don’t like to admit it, but Back to School shopping in stores seems to be in full swing. It drives me a little batty, as I work in a school and that means that eventually I will have to return back to school and leave my boys again until our next holiday. When school starts in September, that means one of two things for school aged kids: they are returning to school or they are just starting it for the first time. School can be very scary if you have no idea what to expect. Let’s look at it … Continue reading

Kids Need to Feel Supported When It Comes to Gender Identity

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How many times have you heard, “blue is for boys, pink is for girls”? Or that “dolls are for girls and trucks are for boys?” Even though many of us are accustomed to hearing about gender being as simple and as clear cut as girl or boy, sex and gender are complex concepts. For some young people, it can be frustrating when others make assumptions about how they should act, what they should wear and what they should play with based on their gender. Pressure to behave a certain way can come from friends, classmates, family, teachers, coaches, TV shows … Continue reading

Free Printable and Customizable Chore Chart

Chore Chart

Chores or family contributions are important for children as they teach them a sense of responsibility! Do your children do chores? In our house, we prefer to call them Family Contributions, however this summer I have stepped up my expectations. Up until now, during the school year, I expect my children to do some basic family contributions like clearing their place at the table, keeping their rooms clean, tidying up after themselves, etc. Starting last summer, I added a few more expectations as the children are around to help out around the house more. I have created a customizable chore … Continue reading

Parenting Styles in the World Today

Modern Day Parenting

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t written a piece before where I share my strong opinions on a topic quite as strongly as I do in this one. I want everyone to know, PRIOR to reading this, that while I do have my strong opinions, I am VERY open (and encourage) others opinions and respect the fact that my opinions are NOT right, they are simply opinions! I am writing this post in hopes to start an open and respectful dialogue amongst parents. Will you join me? Anyone who knows me is aware that I LOVE to discuss parenting. I love to hear … Continue reading

Thoughts on Raising Children and Gender Stereotypes

This article may share some stronger opinions than you are used to reading here. Please know that I continue to respect ALL opinions and today I am going to take my right to share mine. I do hope that we can have a conversation below in the comment section as I am always keen to hear others opinions on this subject matter.     PINK or BLUE? Those were the options if I didn’t want GREEN for clothing when I was preparing to have my first baby. Because we were not finding out the gender of our baby and people … Continue reading

How Toddlers Thrive

How Toddlers Thrive

  What Parents Can Do Today for Children Ages 2-5 to Plant the Seeds of Lifelong Success   How Toddlers Thrive, written by Tovah P. Klein, Ph.D., the director of an internationally renowned centre for toddler development is a great resource about child behaviour and development for ages 2 to 5. It not only provides tips and ideas on how to help your child thrive and develop, but more importantly helps to make your home a happier place. The first half of the book is about toddler development and stages. While I did find it a bit repetitive, it is … Continue reading

Creating and Maintaining a Child Safe Email Account {Tech Tuesday}

Feel free to follow my blog with Bloglovin. Protecting children when they are online can be a daunting and difficult task. In truth, the safest child is the offline child; however, that is also an unacceptable solution (especially when you consider the fact that you’re reading a post about secure email for children). One of the activities my daughter loves to do is to send emails to her friends and relatives. However, email is also the most common source of unsolicited communication on the internet (hence why many mail services provide spam filtering and the like). We knew we needed … Continue reading

Active Baby Giveaways 5 Year Anniversary Event at @ActiveBaby {HUGE Giveaway!}

active baby giveaway

If you live in North Vancouver and you have a baby, consider yourself super lucky! Active Baby has relocated and renovated and is now celebrating their Grand Re-Opening and 5 Year Anniversary all in one. And if you don’t live in Vancouver, you’re in luck because Active Baby has an online baby store that is laid out beautifully and extremely user friendly. I know when I was a new Mom, I found it very overwhelming to know what products were best for me and my baby and I learned a lot from visiting stores like Active Baby to get an … Continue reading