Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers in the Winter

Tips for Teen Drivers

As I was deciding what categories an article about Teen Drivers would best fit, I had a brief moment of panic. Why? Because I realized that driving and learning to drive fit into the category of PARENTING! Some of you may be living this stage of your life already, but as you may know, I’m not quite there yet and it terrifies me! In a few short years, I will be coming back to this article for a reminder of how to keep teen drivers safe in the winter. For those of you with younger children, you might still be … Continue reading

The Big Winter Tire Debate

winter tire debate

When you get married or enter into a long-term relationship, there are many discussions and compromises that occur. You are in a partnership, and partnerships require compromise due to the fact that you are both human beings with unique opinions. It is always a blessing when you see eye to eye on a given topic, however, when it comes to topics such as winter tires for our vehicles, who knew that would become The Big Winter Tire Debate. My husband grew up in a location in Ontario that typically doesn’t get as much snow as other areas. Because of this, … Continue reading

Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Teaching children about Halloween Safety including tips like never trick-or-treat alone (get your free safety tip printable here) is extremely important. Children need to understand that when it is dark outside, there are additional safety hazards that present themselves. Many people light up their Jack-O-Lanterns with real candles. This has never sat right with me! When I was a Kindergarten teacher, I came up with the idea to light up our pumpkins with a battery-powered flashlight instead of a candle. This way, you don’t have to e concerned with children (you know, the little ones who aren’t watching where they … Continue reading

How to Make Malls a Safer Place for Kids!

No Bulling Here

The word “bully” is not to be taken lightly. People who are bullied can suffer emotionally and physically for many years and sometimes forever. I was bullied as a child. Some of the words that were said to me continue to stay with me to this day. I can vividly rememember many of the circumstances that I experienced in my youth. It started with my eyeglasses and went on from there. My heart goes out to all children who have ever been bullied. Do you know what though? My heart also goes out to people who are bullies. Why? Because … Continue reading

Do You Have a Car Safety Kit? {Giveaway} #HyundaiDriveSquad

Car Safety Prize Pack

Are you prepared with a Car Safety Kit? Do you know what to include in a car safety kit? Courtesy of Hyundai Auto Canada Corp. I am pleased to introduce you to Ted Mansell, Service Technician and longstanding Hyundai team member. Ted has been working on Hyundai vehicles for 30 years and has a wealth of knowledge on automotive safety to share. I’m sure many of you take road trips in your vehicle during the warm summer months. There is nothing worse than getting stuck on the side of the road and not being prepared! This summer, we will be … Continue reading

Creating and Maintaining a Child Safe Email Account {Tech Tuesday}

Feel free to follow my blog with Bloglovin. Protecting children when they are online can be a daunting and difficult task. In truth, the safest child is the offline child; however, that is also an unacceptable solution (especially when you consider the fact that you’re reading a post about secure email for children). One of the activities my daughter loves to do is to send emails to her friends and relatives. However, email is also the most common source of unsolicited communication on the internet (hence why many mail services provide spam filtering and the like). We knew we needed … Continue reading

Be Safe with the Use of the @ReactMobile App

The React Mobile app turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a powerful and reliable security device and also allows users to report incidents and criminal activity while on the go. How the React Mobile App Works: With the simple push of a button an SOS alert with your GPS coordinates is sent to select emergency contacts via SMS/text message, email and an alert can also be posted to Facebook and Twitter, for those people who really want to reach as many people as possible quickly. After finding himself in a dangerous situation during college, founder of React Mobile, Rob … Continue reading

How to Set Up An IOS Device to be Safer For Kids

I got my first touchscreen phone (an iPhone 3GS, for the technologically curious types) in December of 2009. One of the first apps I installed was something called Make Me A Princess based on a recommendation from an iPhone-owning friend with a similarly aged daughter (four years at the time). Soon after, I found some baby-friendly apps, and found myself sharing my precious my iPhone with my children. Ever since then, my children have been touchscreen users; from my iPhone, to my wife’s, to one of the many old hand-me-down devices I’ve acquired, to the tablets. About a year ago, … Continue reading

Save Your Children From a Tipping TV with @SanusSystems {G!VEAWAY}

We’ve written in the past about how important it is to keep your kids safe from tipping tvs! A few weeks ago while I was watching my daughter at dance class, when all of a sudden, there was a HUGE crash in the area beside us. I went running, to find a little boy (around the age of 2) lying on the ground with his leg pinned underneath a tv cart and a tv lying beside him. Thankfully, he was ok! He was extremely lucky that the entire tv didn’t land on top of him. Kids are curious creatures and … Continue reading

Booster Seat Safety with @MapsGirl

My good friend, Wendy from funny things are everywhere, is a Car Seat Technician. She is the girl who I called when our van broke down during a road trip last summer and I had to get some questions answered about transferring my son’s car seat to the Tow Truck! She provided me with so many great tips about purchasing a new car seat and whether or not my son was ready for a booster. Last week, Wendy wrote a post about Booster Seats and the laws in Ontario. She emphasized the 5 Step Test that your child should take … Continue reading