50 Amazing Ways to Steal One on One Time With Your Kids

50 Amazing Ways to Steal Time with Your Kids

I have been focussing a lot lately about how important it is to plan specific one on one time with your children. Why? Those special moments show your child how important they are, it reinforces how much you care and it allows you an opportunity to deepen your connection and bond with your child. Sometimes, finding special moments to spend that one on one time with your child can be a challenge, but thankfully Karen from Simply Fun Families has made it SO easy for you! A few times a month, I try my best to ensure that both of … Continue reading

The Importance of Quality Time with your Children

Weekend at Grandparents

What are your parenting goals? If you were to think about your main goals that you have as a parent, what would they be? I think many of us have similar goals when it comes to parenting. Spending quality time with your children will help you achieve the following goals: To Raise healthy and happy children. To Ensure your children feel loved. To Teach your children the importance of respect and kindness. To find ways to truly connect with your children as they grow. To maintain communication with your children on a daily basis. Last week, I wrote about Quality … Continue reading

Quality Time 30 Day Happy Child Challenge

Quality Time

Are you a busy parent who only wants the best for your children? Do you struggle to find enough time in the day to get what NEEDS to get done, let alone spending quality time with your children? If you answered YES to either or both of these questions, this challenge is for you! Sometimes, making goals, specific reachable goals, and making a plan to achieve those goals makes it much easier to succeed. Sometimes, instead of making what I call a “blanket goal” (e.g. from now on, I will spend more quality time with my children), you might be … Continue reading