Free Printable and Customizable Chore Chart

Chores or family contributions are important for children as they teach them a sense of responsibility!

Do your children do chores? In our house, we prefer to call them Family Contributions, however this summer I have stepped up my expectations.

Up until now, during the school year, I expect my children to do some basic family contributions like clearing their place at the table, keeping their rooms clean, tidying up after themselves, etc. Starting last summer, I added a few more expectations as the children are around to help out around the house more.

I have created a customizable chore chart that you may wish to use in your house:
Chore Chart

You can use this chart as is or you can delete the chores and add your own that work for your family.

The way I track these is I write each child’s name under a chore (or chores) for the day. Each child has a different colour so it is easy to read. When a chore has been completed, they must get it approved or inspected and a sticker or a checkmark will go beside their name.

There are columns for daily and weekly chores. If you would like me to change the rows or columns for you, please feel free to ask!

How to Download Your Customizable Chore Chart:

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What chores do your children do in your house?

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