5 Amazing Ways to Help Baby Sleep {Giveaway}

sleeping baby

YES! You will notice that all five suggestions to help baby sleep have one thing in common: a Zippy! This is NOT an exaggeration at all, every new parent MUST HAVE at least one ZipadeeZip in their collection right from the start because you never know when your baby is going to have difficulty getting to sleep OR staying asleep and this amazing contraption will HELP! 5 Amazing Ways to Help Baby Sleep: Swaddle Baby – Once your baby has moved past the swaddling stage OR if they wrestle out of their swaddle night after night, the ZipadeepZip aids the … Continue reading

Yengo Summer Shoes Giveaway

Yengo Summer Shoe Giveaway

Many women are known for their huge shoe collection. I’m not a typical woman in many ways and while I love shoes, the practical person in me has never gone down that path. However, I will tell you when I searched Yengo for a pair of summer shoes, there was great temptation that I didn’t know existed within me. Their wonderful selection of gorgeous, top quality summer shoes was incredible. I got sucked in for a LONG time trying to decide what pair I should choose! I finally landed on the Jambu Blossom Red Sandal Mary Jane. I really liked … Continue reading

Father’s Day Gift Ideas: Crafts, Clothing and MORE!

Father’s Day is quickly approaching and because many of us struggle with what to give to our own Dads as well as the father of our children, I thought I would pull together some ideas for you to think about. Some Dads are simple and some Dads are so simple, it is impossible to come up with Father’s Day Gift Ideas for them. Which one do you have? If you have a Dad who takes pride in the way his car or bike looks, be sure to check out these amazing Car Wash Mitts and Car Polishing Cloths. They are … Continue reading

A Tip When Purchasing Rain Boots for your Children

Toms Rainboots

I’ve got a tip for you when it comes to purchasing rain boots for your children! You know how children grow QUICKLY? Well, I often find that their feet grow twice as fast, leaving their shoes that have barely been worn behind in the dust. In order to get away without purchasing rain boots quite as often, be sure to buy them so that you can fit a good 2 finger widths in front of their toes. Then, stuff cotton balls inside the toe of the boot until their feet grow. Rain boots can be a bit floppy at the … Continue reading

Valentine’s Boy T-Shirt Giveaway

valentine tshirt giveaway

One of my fellow blogging buddies is giving away 3 NEW boy t-shirts that she found during her #40bags40days decluttering process! I wanted to be sure that you all heard about it! Prize: Valentine’s Boy T-Shirt Giveaway: 2 size 2T and 1 size 4T shirts – 3 winners in total Open to: Canada and US Giveaway ends: January 31, 2015 11:59pm EST a Rafflecopter giveaway Do you have kids? Do you typically give them something on Valentine’s Day?

Comfortable, Stylish and Affordable Yoga Wear for Girls {Giveaway}

yoga wear for girls

I have always been a girl who chooses practical wear over being dressed up. I’m all about comfort. If I can look good and be comfortable all at once, I feel confident and I consider it a success! It is very important to me that my daughter becomes her own person and to express herself freely. Naturally, I would like to influence who she becomes, but it is also very important for her to make her own decisions and choices. Fashion is one of them. My daughter loves bling and glitter, but she also LOVES comfort too! She gets equally … Continue reading

The Flying Squirrel Sleep Miracle for Toddlers! {Giveaway}

Flying Squirrel Giveaway

It seems so long ago now that I posted a review of the Zipadee Zip. It was back in January of 2013 that I was desperate to find a way to get my little one to sleep well without having to worry about her constantly breaking out of her swaddle and waking up. My daughter is now almost two (where has the time gone?) and has been in regular pajamas for a while now. I still rave about the Zippy and have been following Zipadeezip Slumber Sacks on Facebook. It is through their Facebook page that I found out about … Continue reading

FLASH @SearsCA Giveaway #SearsPureNRG

Sears Pure NRG

My daughter and I enjoy doing things together. We go on walks, we do crafts, we bake, we have tea and we shop! It is amazing how much of a kick my daughter gets when we do similar things, share things together or better yet have “matchers” when it comes to our outfits. The Sears Canada Pure NRG athletic clothing line that has launched this fall, offers comfortable outfits for both women and girls. As soon as my daughter discovered that we would be receiving outfits, she was racing home after school every day to check the mail! I honestly … Continue reading

Comfort and Style Together: Geox Shoes for Children


At the beginning of August, my daughter and I had the opportunity to visit Yorkdale Mall to look at Geox shoes for children. What a treat that was for both of us! For my daughter, she loved trying on all of the shoes and dreaming of having a shoe wardrobe that consisted of all of the shoe choices that existed and for me, it was SO much fun to shop with my daughter, despite the analysis paralysis that she experienced. LITERALLY, my daughter and I were in the Geox store for a good part of the morning, we are talking … Continue reading

Sears Back to School Giveaway #RockTheHalls

Sears Gift Card Giveaway

Sears Canada has been surprising families in-store and online this month! Their goal is to help families with school aged children get ready for Back to School so they can Rock the Halls! Be sure to see the Sears Back to School Giveaway at the bottom of this post! It is a quick giveaway, so enter now and visit daily to receive your extra entries. How cool is this? Across Canada, as part of their