The Spring Baby Time Show in Toronto April 25-27 {Giveaway} #BabyTimeShow

Last week, I shared a post that gave you a window into my world. One of things that I talked about was my love for babies! Because of my love for babies AND the fact that I love to chat with new Moms, I really enjoy attending the Baby Time Show! I love looking at all of the new gear available for Moms, babies and even Dads! The SPRING Baby Time Show in Toronto arrives April 25-27th! Will you be attending? Some of my favourite companies often attend the show like Naked Nursing Tank, Salsa Babies,, Booby Trapper amongst … Continue reading

At What Age Can Children Walk to School Independently?

What age can children walk to school independently

I’m sure you have heard of Kathy Buckworth before, she is an award winning writer, public speaker, spokesperson and television personality. Yesterday, Kathy spoke on CFRB 1010 Radio on the topic of children walking to school independently. I was also privy to a group discussion on this exact topic which got me thinking about my own children. Recently, I have found myself questioning how much independence or lack of independence I am giving my daughter who is about to turn 9 years old. I think back to when I was 9 and I was walking to school (a 15 minute … Continue reading

Filling Your Child’s Emotional Bucket

  Have you ever heard of the book How Full Is Your Bucket?   I gave this book to my daughter a few years ago in hopes to increase her self esteem and the concept has fortunately stuck with both of my children! The basic idea is that we all have an emotional bucket and in any given moment, we have the opportunity to fill up someone’s bucket or empty someone’s bucket. We fill up buckets with kindness, appreciations, positive words, encouragement etc. and we empty buckets by using put downs, insults, teasing and negative thoughts. It is such a … Continue reading

Bathroom Routine Help from @TodaysParent {#Giveaway} #PGMom

Potty training can provide parents with a great deal of stress! Questions that often get asked: When is my child ready? How long will it take? What products are out there to help my child potty train? My daughter trained herself before she turned two! One day, she just decided she was done with wearing diapers and we never turned back. Within a very short time, she was fully trained both night and day. It was a breeze and stress free. My son, on the other hand, has had a much different experience and still isn’t trained at night at … Continue reading

Teaching Nutrition to my Daughter #WorldWithoutDieting #Giveaway

When I was in elementary school, I would say that I was considered to be an average to slightly above average weight for my height, but I always felt bigger. I wasn’t thin, I wasn’t large, I was just….me and somewhere in between. When I entered high school, my social life went from being practically nothing to an overwhelming high. That combined with hormones and changes in my life led me to become even more self conscious about my weight. I remember peer pressure playing a huge role and I also remember feeling an internal pressure to be thin. This … Continue reading

The Mommy of ALL #Baby Events at @LoblawsON #PGMom

Shopping can be very challenging for people with children, especially young children! In fact, during a parenting course that I recently took, grocery shopping and bedtime battles were shared as the top two challenges that parents face with regards to parenting their children. Every age and stage has its challenges! When you have babies, it is sometimes difficult to find a “happy time” that is in between naps in order to get your groceries done. When your child becomes mobile, they often don’t want to sit in the grocery cart long enough to get your entire shop done and when … Continue reading

Walmart Helps New Moms with @Pampers #PGMom #PampersMom {#GIVEAWAY}

When my children were newborns, Pampers diapers were the only diapers we put on them! In fact, throughout my childrens’ diaper wearing days, Pampers was the trusted brand that we used, almost exclusively. What I mean by that is every time we decided to try out another brand, we always came back to Pampers! I am very pleased to announce that in August, Walmart Canada and P&G began sponsoring a series of prenatal programs in hospitals and community centres country wide by providing soon-to-be parents with special gift bags with Pampers product. The reusable Walmart gift bags include: a package … Continue reading

Booster Seat Safety with @MapsGirl

My good friend, Wendy from funny things are everywhere, is a Car Seat Technician. She is the girl who I called when our van broke down during a road trip last summer and I had to get some questions answered about transferring my son’s car seat to the Tow Truck! She provided me with so many great tips about purchasing a new car seat and whether or not my son was ready for a booster. Last week, Wendy wrote a post about Booster Seats and the laws in Ontario. She emphasized the 5 Step Test that your child should take … Continue reading

Boost Your Baby Making Chances w/ #ClearblueConfirmed – Experts Tell All & Tweet Chat

As I read Nicole’s post about having difficulty conceiving baby #3 today, my heart truly went out to her! When I was younger (e.g. in my late teens/early-mid 20’s), I dreamt about having children. My “plan” or rather my “dream” at the time was to have plenty of kids by the time I was 25. That plan didn’t work out as planned, but in the end, that is ok! I got married at 27 years of age, in July of 2003. In June of 2004, we successfully conceived my daughter after only 1 month of trying. At the time, a … Continue reading

Help Kids Through Books: Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by @JuliaCookOnline

As a former Kindergarten teacher and childrens’ literacy advocate, I am a true believer that books can influence and help children! Childrens’ books can be entertaining and educational but they can also be helpful. Not only is the content of a book important, but when a parent and child sit down together to share a book, some magical things can happen! Bonds can grow stronger through literature and teachable moments can occur rather easily. Books can help guide parents to assist their children when they are struggling with a specific problem. Today, the problem that I would like to focus … Continue reading