Cell Phone Gadgets

Cell Phone Gadgets

Yesterday, I gave a talk about the importance of branding yourself when you’re a woman in business. We talked about having courage and confidence in putting yourself “out there”, the importance of lowering the wall and allowing people the opportunity to get to know, like and trust you as well as some tips for making great videos! I admit that I was a bit surprised to see how many people in the audience loved cell phone gadgets as much as I do! It is not surprising that video has become a huge part of social media. Video is eye catching … Continue reading

Alcatel One Touch Idol 3: A Family Room in Your Pocket

idol 3

Recently, I was provided with an Alcatel One Touch Idol 3 for review. The Idol 3 is available in both a 4.7″ and 5.5″ configuration. Since I was provided with a 5.5″ model, that’s what I will focus on. At this point I should probably tell you that a) I’m not my “mommyblogger” wife and b) I’m an electrical engineer and c) my daily driver is an iPhone 6+. (In other words, what you’re reading right now has most likely been passed through an editor’s filter with the “people don’t want to get that technical honey” setting turned on.) The … Continue reading

How to Use Periscope

How to Use Periscope

Thanks to a blogging friend, Shashers Life, I was given that final, little push that I needed to get active on Periscope, a newer social media platform. Periscope is a way of showing a live video feed to your followers on Periscope. Because it is LIVE, it is that much more intimidating for many of us to jump on and get active, hence I needed a final push. I often require a final push to try something new, I am hesitant like that. Are you? Out of the handful of scopes that I have done in the past week, the … Continue reading

Helping Kids Understand the Importance of Online Safety

Online Safety and Children

For some parents, the internet can be a scary place when they start to think about what their kids might get up to – or run into – online. The vast majority of people in Canada – nearly 87 per cent – have internet connections at home. Smartphone ownership also surpasses the global average: more than half of Canadians (57 per cent) own a smartphone, while 42 percent of people own smartphones worldwide. In 2014, Facebook Canada reported that 19 million Canadians used Facebook at least once a month, and 14 million were logging in daily. And while Facebook’s terms … Continue reading

Is Smartphone Etiquette a Life Skill? #FirstPhoneEtiquette

Lumia 830 Infographic

OK, perhaps I should start at the beginning…. At what age do you think a child should have a smartphone, if at all? AND If children do have a smartphone, where do you think they get their smartphone etiquette from? I’m not sure where I stand on this. With children aged 6 and 9, I still find it rather easy for me to say that my children are much too young and that they will not own a smartphone for a LONG time to come, but it seems like trends are changing! And with changing trends comes new challenges like … Continue reading

Nokia Lumia 830 Review

Nokia Lumia 830

Last Christmas, I purchased my first personal computer in a number of years. (Working as an engineer, I have a work-issued laptop that I can take home whenever I want. For personal use, I had an iPad, but found myself wanting more of a full PC experience, so I sold the iPad and purchased a Dell XPS 18.) It ran Windows 8.1 Professional, and it was my first experience with the new tile (or modern, as Microsoft would like you to call it) interface. Within days, I was in love: I could jump to desktop mode and work like I … Continue reading

NETGEAR WiFi Range Extender Review

Recently, I was offered an opportunity to review the EX6100 WiFi Range Extender from Netgear. I jumped at the chance because our household WiFi router is located where it is most convenient for my wife in our kitchen in a monstrosity of a cabinet so my wife – who doesn’t have to service it – does not have to look at it. The problem is, our kitchen is on the first floor, and our bedroom (where the second television – and its poor-antenna endowed “smart” blu-ray cousin) is on the second floor. Unfortunately, this means our blu-ray cannot establish a … Continue reading

I LOVE Canon Digital Cameras! #30SummerDays {GIVEAWAY}

From as long as I can remember, I have always loved photography. To be specific, I LOVE to take photos! I love taking photos of people, nature and food. When I met my husband, I was SO excited to learn that he owned a GOOD camera, the kind that could be taken out of Auto Mode and would take amazing photos. His camera was a Canon and I almost instantly became comfortable with the Canon interface. When we had my daughter, I quickly learned that carrying around a HUGE camera was not always feasible, so we bought a Canon “point … Continue reading

Creating and Maintaining a Child Safe Email Account {Tech Tuesday}

Feel free to follow my blog with Bloglovin. Protecting children when they are online can be a daunting and difficult task. In truth, the safest child is the offline child; however, that is also an unacceptable solution (especially when you consider the fact that you’re reading a post about secure email for children). One of the activities my daughter loves to do is to send emails to her friends and relatives. However, email is also the most common source of unsolicited communication on the internet (hence why many mail services provide spam filtering and the like). We knew we needed … Continue reading

How to Format Text in Google +?

One of my goals for 2014 is to figure out Google Plus. This post will teach you how to format text in Google Plus. Writing a post in Google Plus is fairly easy, learning many of the ins and outs of posting in order to maximize exposure is a completely different story. I have spent a bit of time doing some research and have learned a few things…. 1) You can format text to make it bold, italic or strikethrough in a post. Here is how: Click here to see a larger image. And 2): the importance of #hashtags and when … Continue reading