14 Amazing FREE Alphabet Printables

Free ABC Printables

I have a healthy addiction to finding amazing FREE Alphabet Printables, as well as any other kid friendly printable that I can find. I particularly love preschool aged printables. It must be the former Kindergarten teacher in me. So, if you are on the hunt for a free printable in any subject or theme, feel free to contact me to find out if I have already done the searching as I am always happy to share! Perhaps one day I will share links to all of my findings right here on the blog! Until then, Kristen from and I have … Continue reading

3 FREE Printable 2015 Calendars

free printable calendars

A new year, a fresh start. I always LOVE the way a brand new calendar feels, don’t you? There are so many uses for a calendar in the home and I often find myself printing off single months at a time to keep track of a variety of activities, countdowns, etc. Of course, we have one main, family calendar that is magnetic and stays on the fridge for all to see. I colour code appointments, events etc. (each family member has their own colour) in order to make it easier to read at a quick glance. I also use the … Continue reading

Chocolate Gingerbread Crunch Cookies – Mason Jar Cookie Mix #FeelGoodHoliday {Giveaway & FREE Printable}

Chocolate Gingerbread Crunch Cookies - Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Mason jars have become quite trendy as of late, would you not agree? Here is a gift that you could give a teacher, a hostess, a neighbour or a bus driver: a Mason Jar Cookie Mix. Your children can help you put this simple gift together or you can whip it up quite quickly on your own. Either way, it makes a perfect gift for many different people in your life. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Makes: 48 cookies Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup Nature’s Path Love Crunch® … Continue reading

Free Printable and Customizable Chore Chart

Chore Chart

Chores or family contributions are important for children as they teach them a sense of responsibility! Do your children do chores? In our house, we prefer to call them Family Contributions, however this summer I have stepped up my expectations. Up until now, during the school year, I expect my children to do some basic family contributions like clearing their place at the table, keeping their rooms clean, tidying up after themselves, etc. Starting last summer, I added a few more expectations as the children are around to help out around the house more. I have created a customizable chore … Continue reading

You Are Awesomesauce FREE Printable

Say Happy Valentine’s Day with this Valentine’s Day Free Printable! Today, my children will receive a fun surprise in their lunches. A healthy applesauce treat with a Valentine’s Day note. They love to receive notes in their lunches and they have even started to write me notes back, it makes my day!     PRINTABLE Click on the above image to print off your free printable!   Need a craft idea for Valentine’s Day? Check out this Valentine’s Day Craft Idea. Get your Valentine Coupon Printables NOW! GREAT GIFT IDEA!

Little Star Wars Fans: May the 4th Be With You Tomorrow! {Free #Printables for Preschoolers}

I will admit that until I met my hubby, I didn’t know a whole lot about Star Wars, but now, I am happy to share that I have seen all of the movies, played with the toys and read a few books. I had no idea about May 4th until last year, I really wasn’t involved in the Star Wars “world” too much other than when hubby would ask if I wanted to watch one of the movies with him or if my son asked me to play with his Star Wars figures. The Star Wars Community is hard core! … Continue reading

Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids

Valentine's Day Printables for Kids

I have an obsession with collecting printables for my children! Holidays are always a great time to have fun with your kids and these Valentine’s Day Printables for kids are a great way to do that. My kids love to do paper/pencil tasks and ask almost every day for me to print off a new activity or colouring sheet for them. I have found some wonderful resources for Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids! I was inspired by Moms and Munchkins Printables for Valentine’s Day post! Valentine’s Day Printables for Kids Blank Heart Messages Valentine’s Day Compound Words Dot-to-Dots Colouring Pages … Continue reading