Back to School Shopping – Getting Prepared for Kindergarten!

kindergarten preparation

Backpacks, lunch accessories,  hair accessories, sunscreen and more.  There is a huge list of items to get organized for back to school. Consequently, Kindergarten preparation can be overwhelming! I have written an entire series about preparing your child for Kindergarten and what to pack for the first day. There is even a post about 5 things you can do to help a Kindergarten teacher.  After all, I did teach Kindergarten once.  Let me tell you, you have the ability to make a HUGE difference for a Kindergarten teacher by the choices you make! Imagine 30 children who don’t know what their backpack looks like, … Continue reading

After School Routine Chart #ONatural

After School Checklist

The school year is now well under way. We have had a couple of weeks now, to figure out our after school routine. Have YOU figured out an after school routine that works for you and your family? Once you have found an after school routine that works for you, you will notice that your children may be more calm and have less meltdowns. My son is very prone to meltdowns, he often has a hard time regulating himself, especially when he is tired or has been sitting still for a long time at school. I have found that when … Continue reading

5 Ways to Help Your Child’s Kindergarten Teacher

5 Ways to Help your child's Kindergarten teacher

There are many ways that you can help your child’s Kindergarten teacher! Below, I have shared just a few key points to consider prior to the first day of school. Send your child with a LARGE backpack – YES, this backpack will look like it is bigger than your child, but it will hold and protect everything that it needs to throughout the year and THAT is important! Communicate regularly – be sure to check your child’s backpack daily for any communication from your child’s teacher. Also be sure to share important information with your child’s teacher whenever necessary. This … Continue reading

Preschool Educational Activities #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}

apple preschool science experiments

With so much back to school talk lately, I don’t want to leave the preschoolers in the dust as their education experience this fall is just as important! After all, the preschooler years from 1 to 5 are considered to be the formative years and are crucial in a child’s healthy development. Science experiments are a wonderful, hands on way to get preschoolers involved in learning. Tactile science experiments allow children to be fully engaged in their learning. Teaching your child a different language, including ASL (American Sign Language) helps their brain to develop and grow. ASL also allows children … Continue reading

Back to School Tips from @KidsHelpPhone

Back to School Tips from Kids Help Phone

While the start of a new school year can be exciting for many kids and parents alike, young people can also experience feelings of nervousness, anxiety, stress, and tension. Transitioning to a new grade, changing schools, getting new teachers, and making friends are all examples of the types of concerns young people can have ahead of September. Back to school anxiety can affect any young person, no matter their age, but there are ways parents can help their kids feel supported at this time of year. Have a talk. Ask your kid what they’re thinking and feeling about the new … Continue reading

Back to School Sleep Routine with Orange Naturals #ONatural

If you were to ask me what the biggest struggle we have in our house with regards to routines is, hands down it would be about sleep! From the moment my daughter was born, she hasn’t been a good sleeper. She was WIDE AWAKE screaming for her first 12 hours of life and the struggles continued on throughout her infant years and continues to this day, at the age of nine. Of course, we have tried all of kinds of tricks, some of them have worked and some of them haven’t, but at the end, she continues to have a … Continue reading

You Could Win A MacBook Air at the #HeritageB2S Twitter Party 8/27


Yes, you read the correctly! RSVP NOW and YOU could WIN a MacBook Air: I love participating in Twitter Parties, whether I’m simply a participant, a co-host or even a host. I get a strange thrill with the speed and intensity of a twitter party and I love interacting with other tweeps and brands as I always learn something new. Will you join me this Wednesday night for what is ramping up to be one of the best parties of the Back to School season? Twitter Party Details: Twitter Party Hashtag: #HeritageB2S Date/Time: Wed. Aug. 27 9-10pm EST Sponsors: @HeritageFunds … Continue reading

What to Pack for the FIRST DAY of Kindergarten

Extra Clothing

In many school boards, Kindergarten students are not required to bring ANYTHING to school as far as school supplies go! In fact, most teachers discourage it because they have specific tools they would like the children to use AND things go missing SO easily with little ones, which always brings tears. It is highly recommended to wait until your child goes to school to purchase any school supplies, as they should get a newsletter on the first day that will outline all expectations. Having told you to WAIT to purchase school supplies, there are a few things that are a … Continue reading

Comfort and Style Together: Geox Shoes for Children


At the beginning of August, my daughter and I had the opportunity to visit Yorkdale Mall to look at Geox shoes for children. What a treat that was for both of us! For my daughter, she loved trying on all of the shoes and dreaming of having a shoe wardrobe that consisted of all of the shoe choices that existed and for me, it was SO much fun to shop with my daughter, despite the analysis paralysis that she experienced. LITERALLY, my daughter and I were in the Geox store for a good part of the morning, we are talking … Continue reading

Sears Back to School Giveaway #RockTheHalls

Sears Gift Card Giveaway

Sears Canada has been surprising families in-store and online this month! Their goal is to help families with school aged children get ready for Back to School so they can Rock the Halls! Be sure to see the Sears Back to School Giveaway at the bottom of this post! It is a quick giveaway, so enter now and visit daily to receive your extra entries. How cool is this? Across Canada, as part of their