Well-Being at All Ages

Well Being At all Ages

Our health is so much more than what we feel in our bodies; it also extends to our emotional and mental well-being at all ages and stages of life. Something that might sound like a concern that only an adult would face can affect kids, too, and at all ages – even preschoolers. Pressure, worries, and anxiety are also things young people struggle with as they grow up. As adults, our first thoughts might be to ask, “What do kids have to stress about?” Work, bills, and other responsibilities might top adults’ lists of stressors, but young people have a … Continue reading

6 Tips for Teething Babies

teething babies

When your little one is teething, they can be in a lot of pain and it is important to find out something that will help provide them with some relief. Providing comfort for teething is so important so I have come up with my top tips for teething babies to share with you. Tip 1: Natural remedies – Do your research, as many parents do and find a natural remedy or pain reliever that can help ease some of the pain and inflammation associated with teething and sore gums. Tip 2: A rolled up frozen washcloth – This was my … Continue reading

A Game to Make Discipline FUN! #Giveaway

parenting game

When I was younger (much, much younger), I used to dream of becoming a parent one day. I dreamt of the typical white picket fence, two children (a boy and a girl –>I’m very fortunate that my dream came true) and that I would be a stay at home Mom. When I would dream, I had VERY rose coloured glasses on, because I was naive and really had NO CLUE just how challenging parenting could be at times. Please don’t get me wrong! I LOVE being a parent and it is truly the most rewarding ‘job’ on the planet BUT….with … Continue reading

A Tip When Purchasing Rain Boots for your Children

Toms Rainboots

I’ve got a tip for you when it comes to purchasing rain boots for your children! You know how children grow QUICKLY? Well, I often find that their feet grow twice as fast, leaving their shoes that have barely been worn behind in the dust. In order to get away without purchasing rain boots quite as often, be sure to buy them so that you can fit a good 2 finger widths in front of their toes. Then, stuff cotton balls inside the toe of the boot until their feet grow. Rain boots can be a bit floppy at the … Continue reading

Providing Your Baby with Teething Comfort #MunchMittTeether

Teething Comfort

Providing your baby with teething comfort is no easy task! However, I have found a product that will definitely help provide your little one with some teething comfort in a new and convenient way! Teething Comfort: The Munch Mitt, a baby teething mitten! I will never forget my teething babies. I remember feeling so badly for the discomfort that they were in, as well as a sense of helplessness. I remember rolling up wet washcloths and freezing them, but the problem was that my babies started with signs of teething discomfort early on and they didn’t have the dexterity to … Continue reading

3 Top Tips for Saving for your Child’s Education

Saving Tips for an RESP

Education is important! Saving for your child’s education is extremely important! After the birth of my daughter, we set up an RESP for her as soon as we could. Once my son was born, we also set up an RESP account for him. We have comfort knowing that if one of our children chooses not to pursue post-secondary education, we can put all the money we’ve saved towards the child who does go. If both don’t go, well, that’s a story for another day. If both don’t go, well, that’s a story for another day. Over the past 10 years, … Continue reading

5 Ways to Prepare a Shy Child for Kindergarten

Prepare a Shy Child for

Isn’t it amazing how quickly time flies? When you held your little angel in your embrace for the first time, you must have surely thought it’s going to be a long and beautiful journey raising him. Sooner than you could imagine, you see your little one all grown up and ready to kickoff kindergarten in his adorable uniform and bag pack. Before you drop your kid to school on his first day, make sure you prepare him to face the brand new chapter in his life with a lot more than mere school supplies. What he also needs is the … Continue reading

How to Make Malls a Safer Place for Kids!

No Bulling Here

The word “bully” is not to be taken lightly. People who are bullied can suffer emotionally and physically for many years and sometimes forever. I was bullied as a child. Some of the words that were said to me continue to stay with me to this day. I can vividly rememember many of the circumstances that I experienced in my youth. It started with my eyeglasses and went on from there. My heart goes out to all children who have ever been bullied. Do you know what though? My heart also goes out to people who are bullies. Why? Because … Continue reading

Make Oral Health a Priority for Your Entire Family {FREE Printable}

oral health

People who have poor oral health habits are affected physically, mentally and emotionally. Because of this, it is SO important to me that my children learn how to care for their teeth properly at a young age so that they can benefit from good oral health in their future. Being proactive about caring for your mouth leads to good oral health! We started very early on caring for our children’s teeth. I wiped my kid’s gums with a wet cloth from the time that they were only months old. My daughter was easy to get into a good oral health … Continue reading

GDay Toronto – a Day for GIRLS! #GDayforGirls {Discount Code}


Last month, my daughter turned 10. Some days, I honestly feel like she is 10 going on 20 (or sometimes 30), but at the end of the day, she will always be my little girl. Raising a daughter has its challenges, but there are also many reasons to celebrate! I am proud to be a woman and I want my daughter to embrace and love the fact that she is a girl too! Being a girl can be tough, but it definitely has some major perks too. I don’t know about you, but as much as I know what I … Continue reading