How to Make Malls a Safer Place for Kids!

No Bulling Here

The word “bully” is not to be taken lightly. People who are bullied can suffer emotionally and physically for many years and sometimes forever. I was bullied as a child. Some of the words that were said to me continue to stay with me to this day. I can vividly rememember many of the circumstances that I experienced in my youth. It started with my eyeglasses and went on from there. My heart goes out to all children who have ever been bullied. Do you know what though? My heart also goes out to people who are bullies. Why? Because … Continue reading

How to Help Your Child if They are Being Bullied OR if They ARE the Bully

Did you know that 75 per cent of people say they have been affected by bullying1? Bullying has been widely talked about in mainstream media within the past year, but recent statistics indicate that 78 per cent of Canadians believe that not enough is being done to stop it in their communities2. One step we can all take is to empower young people to do something about bullying, like reaching out for help. In 2013, Kids Help Phone saw a 10 per cent increase in calls related to bullying and harassment during Bullying Awareness Week. What can parents do to … Continue reading

Parenting Styles in the World Today

Modern Day Parenting

DISCLAIMER: I haven’t written a piece before where I share my strong opinions on a topic quite as strongly as I do in this one. I want everyone to know, PRIOR to reading this, that while I do have my strong opinions, I am VERY open (and encourage) others opinions and respect the fact that my opinions are NOT right, they are simply opinions! I am writing this post in hopes to start an open and respectful dialogue amongst parents. Will you join me? Anyone who knows me is aware that I LOVE to discuss parenting. I love to hear … Continue reading