STOP Bullying with Tips from @KidsHelpPhone

“I’m having sleepless nights. I am the one everyone likes to pick on. I’m dreading the hour long bus ride and its non stop abuse all the way to school. I just want to be left alone!”– real post from Did you know that the average Canadian elementary classroom contains at least one or two students who have experienced bullying? At Kids Help Phone, 10% of the contacts that come in over the phone and online relate to bullying. Remember it only takes one person to make a difference.Young people don’t always know what to do when they are … Continue reading

Preparing For Baby with the Right Gear Event with @MommiesFirst

Are You PREGNANT?Are you a NEW MOM? This event is for you! EVENT INFORMATION What: Join MommiesFirst ~ They know the amount of baby gear available can be completely overwhelming. MommiesFirst has partnered with BabyNav. They will combine their vast knowledge on the latest products and safety recalls with your lifestyle to create a custom list of the gear you really need. Julie is here to help you figure out all the stuff that doesn’t fit in our boxes! Join them and ask all the important questions! When: Wednesday March 20, 2013, 8:30pmWhere: RSVP and Join the Event here. Pin … Continue reading

Hopeful vs. Hopeless: Empowering Young People by Restoring Hope

“It’s hopeless!”This is a statement that Kids Help Phone’s professional counsellors often hear from the 5,000 young people that reach out to us every week. Young people today face many pressures. They are under pressure to succeed in school and the workforce, to compete in sports and other extra-curricular activities, and to meet parental and societal expectations. Often, those pressures can exceed a young person’s ability to cope and, as a result, have a negative effect on their mental health. Why? “For young people, especially teenagers, goals and problems can seem too big, and solutions seem too far out of … Continue reading

How to Baby Proof Your Home

This post is dedicated to my dear friend, Duckie! Baby proofing your home is often done in two stages: You “proof” what you think needs to be done in order to keep your baby safe. You realize that your baby is much more adventurous than you ever had imagined and you play catch up with their every move! I recently received a baby update email from one of my dear friends. I absolutely love to receive these emails, for a few reasons: They let me live through the eyes of a new Mommy vicariously – oh how I love babies! … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Tips for Staying Dry At Night

Our Potty Training History with my son can be read here:Finally Diaper Free Post #1Finally Diaper Free Post #2Finally Diaper Free Post #3Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year!Potty Training UpdateFinally Diaper Free RoundUp We have covered all of the apparel and accessories that Super Undies carry in order to make Nighttime Training go more smoothly in previous Wet Wednesdays posts. Today, we will share some tips and advice for things that you can do to gear up for success at nighttime training. Limit LiquidsIt is important to stay on top of the quantity of liquids your little one is consuming throughout … Continue reading

Introducing Kids Help Phone’s new Always There app

Young people everywhere in Canada can count on Kids Help Phone to be there with professional online and phone counselling at any time of the day or night. Now, they can also reach Canada’s leading youth counselling service on their mobile devices with the new Always There app. Always There is the first app of its kind in Canada that connects young people to professional help and support. Created in collaboration with young people across the country, it is geared towards users ages 12 to 16 and includes: exclusive interactive features; content from the Kids Help Phone Info Booth – … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Potty Training Accessories for Night Time Training

Our Potty Training History with my son can be read here: Finally Diaper Free Post #1 Finally Diaper Free Post #2 Finally Diaper Free Post #3 Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year! Potty Training Update Finally Diaper Free RoundUp Last week, we talked about how Super Undies have helped our night time wetting situation. This week, I would like to share with you some products and tips that can help keep a child’s bed dry at night. Super Undies sell Mattress Toppers and Waterproof Sheets! The Mattress Toppers have a built in full layer of microfiber for absorption, a soft Coolmax … Continue reading

Baby Sleep Solution: The @ZipadeeZip

This review has been written by Alison, a new Mom! From day one, which was 4 months ago (September 6th to be exact), our daughter HAD to be swaddled in order for her to have a sound sleep. We started with the hospital blanket, moved to the swaddle sacs (basically swaddling done for you with Velcro – less wrestling with technique), then finally graduated to large hand-made flannel blankets when our LO grew out of the others (she’s 16.5 lbs now). Eventually, she began to break out of the swaddle which disrupted her sleep not to mention ours! One morning … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Trying to Stay Dry at Night with @SuperUndies

Our Potty Training History with my son can be read here:Finally Diaper Free Post #1Finally Diaper Free Post #2Finally Diaper Free Post #3Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year!Potty Training UpdateFinally Diaper Free RoundUp My son is 4 years old. He has been day time potty trained for just over a year now, however, he continues to be VERY wet at night time. This wouldn’t be an issue, as I know that many children take longer to train at night, however, it is affecting his sleep because he wakes up due to leakage and how much wetness he is producing. This fall, … Continue reading