Canadian Friendly Twitter Parties

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Canadian Friendly Twitter Parties

Canadian Friendly Twitter Parties

Be sure you have an understanding about what a Twitter Party is and how to use TweetDeck to make a Twitter Party easier to follow.
How to Use TweetDeck for a Twitter Party
I will be sure to keep this list up to date!

If you’re a company and you are interested in having someone coordinate, host and/or co-host a Twitter Party for you, please feel free to Contact Me!

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18 Responses to Canadian Friendly Twitter Parties

  1. Thanks for letting us list our Twitter Chat for #LinkedMoms . This week will be #OHIP4IVF #ONPOLI.

  2. paulaschuck says:

    Thanks so much!! This is a very useful linkup.

  3. DARLENE W says:

    Just need to get twitter to join the party

  4. Thanks so much for making your twitter party list available!

  5. Christine says:

    Thanks so much! Your Twitter Party Calendar is so helpful!

  6. Tammi Roy says:

    Thank you for the party calendar!

  7. ajnernberg says:

    Thanks for posting the Twitter Party calendar. I’ll check back daily.

  8. Sarah Alexis says:

    Twitter Parties are super fun! Try one!!!

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