Inspirational Women Live Out Loud

inspirational women

Have you ever been inspired by someone who has made the choice to live out loud? What do I mean by that? Let me give the example of the inspirational women who together wrote the new book Live Out Loud! Last week, I had the honour of attending the book launch for Live Out Loud the Sisterhood Folios. The energy in the room at the Spoke Club in King West Village, downtown Toronto was contagious. It would have been nearly impossible to have left that event without feeling inspired by the talented group of inspirational women who co-authored this book! … Continue reading

The Me, Me, Me Epidemic

me epidemic

Parenting is HARD! Often, we don’t even realize that we are parenting in such a way that creates situations that are undesirable down the road until it is too late. Please tell me that I’m not the only one worried about the “Me, Me, Me Epidemic” that we seem to be facing with many of today’s youth? Please tell me that I am not the only parent who doesn’t want this for my children, but I’m not always sure how I can ensure this doesn’t happen? Are you tired of this 24/7, often over-stimulated, over-indulged, “can’t get enough” culture that … Continue reading

Making Friends is an Art

Making Friends is an Art

I am a HUGE fan of children’s literature. I especially love books and stories that have a message. Julia Cook’s book, Making Friends Is an Art! is a book with a wonderful message for children! This book teaches children how to get along with others in order to have true friendship. After reading this story, my daughter felt inspired to write a story of her own. She asked me to share it with you, so here it is: Hi. I’m Brown and I have lots of special pencil friends: Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Light Green, Dark Green, Blue, Purple, White … Continue reading

Kids Can Stay Connected to Loved Ones Through Reading

SparkUp Reader

I will never forget when my husband went on his first business trip since having kids. My daughter was about 10 months old and she was well aware of her Dad’s typical daily routine. After nap and towards dinner time, she would start to walk up to our front doors in anticipation of his arrival. Their typical routine would be that she would get Daddy cuddles as soon as he arrived home. At that young age, we couldn’t properly explain why Daddy wasn’t home and the Daddy guilt that my husband was experiencing while he was away was painful to … Continue reading

Three Beautiful Holiday Kid Books

I love sharing books with my children that deliver heartwarming messages surrounding the holiday season. Holiday Kid Books are a staple in our house year round. My children fight me every year when I try to put their holiday books away for the following year and they often win, resulting in holiday kid books being read year round. There is nothing wrong with that, however, and I am always happy that my children are choosing to read! The Magic Christmas Key, My Snowman and Me and The Hope Tree are three lovely stories published by Pine Tree Publishing. This is … Continue reading

Spending Quality Time at Story Time!

A few months ago, my son received a subscription to Together Time Company, a subscription company that sends out a book each month with a cd. Each book also comes with a personalized inscription! Each month, you receive a gift that includes a book with a cd and you can download a free app that allows you to watch an animated song and story like this: Book time is fun time! It is also a great time for some one on one time with your child. My son got so excited each time we would go to the mailbox to … Continue reading

Sharing is Love {Book Giveaway}

Book about sharing

Sharing is something that many young children find challenging! Often, as a parent, saying “Please share your toys” goes in one ear and out the other, at least that is how I often felt. I am a big believer that books can teach children so many different concepts, sharing included. Children listen to books. Books are captivating. Books also help provide context for children and it is a way to teach them about sharing without coming across as a lecture. Anita from Babic Books has written two stories about how sharing is love. You can purchase Anita’s book on Amazon … Continue reading

The Vegan Cook’s Bible

The Vegan Cook's Bible

from Robert Rose Inc. As I mentioned in an earlier cookbook review post, in 2014 I have been making a concerted effort to eat more of a plant-based diet. At first the thought seemed quite daunting, but over time it has become much easier and just a way of life. So, when I was provided with a list of new titles from Robert Rose Inc., I was excited to see The Vegan Cook’s Bible by Pat Crocker on the list and couldn’t wait to get my hands on it. The Vegan Cook’s Bible is so much more than a cookbook! … Continue reading

50 Amazing Ways to Steal One on One Time With Your Kids

50 Amazing Ways to Steal Time with Your Kids

I have been focussing a lot lately about how important it is to plan specific one on one time with your children. Why? Those special moments show your child how important they are, it reinforces how much you care and it allows you an opportunity to deepen your connection and bond with your child. Sometimes, finding special moments to spend that one on one time with your child can be a challenge, but thankfully Karen from Simply Fun Families has made it SO easy for you! A few times a month, I try my best to ensure that both of … Continue reading

8 AMAZING Ways to Steal Time with Your Kids FREE Ebook

Stealing Time MINI Book

In the past week, I have been sharing some ideas about the importance of quality time with your children including a Happy Child Challenge. Some of you have shared what your plans are for the Happy Child Challenge and others are still planning. I cannot wait to hear what you have planned AND how successful your special outing was for you and your child. When you create family memories in a happy and mindful home, your child will grow up looking back on a happy and memorable childhood. The more opportunities that you take to spend quality time with your … Continue reading