Mess Free Art Idea

Mess free art allows children the space to be creative in a mess free zone – a parent’s dream come true, right? Creativity can take many forms, but often when it comes to children, it is MESSY! Like the protagonist of ‘Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, budding artist Rafe Khatchadorian, would tell you, creative self-expression can take many forms, from a doodle in a note book to a wall covered in Stickies. I can tell you that as a Child Studies major from the University of Guelph, one key learning that continues to stand out in my … Continue reading

Concussions are SERIOUS!

Concussions are Serious

Concussions are REAL and if left undiagnosed and untreated, can cause serious long term effects. Children often are involved in play and sports that increase their risks for a head injury and possibly a concussion. Since becoming a parent, I have heard of conflicting information with regards to diagnosing and managing concussions, which is a cause for concern. I am grateful to have learned of a new service that is FREE to Canadians to provide extra assistance when a child has a suspected concussion. An estimated 225,000 Canadians suffer from concussions each year. Thirty per cent of all traumatic brain … Continue reading

Cost Effective Snack Ideas for Kids


I knew that kids eat a lot, but I never expected just how much it would cost! I’m always on the hunt for cost effective snack ideas for kids as it often feels like they are a bottomless pit! I love to make baked snacks for my kids, but let’s face it, sometimes there just isn’t enough time. I often make muffins first thing in the morning as they are a great breakfast and school lunch food. I also find that they are very cost effective and a great way to include healthier choices (like banana, carrots or zucchini). In … Continue reading

Summer Survival Guide for Work at Home Parents


I do love the summer time! There is a certain excitement and joy that fills the air. A freedom that surrounds us. The children have a break from school. Some parents have a break from preparing school lunches or enforcing homework routines. BUT, there are new struggles during the summer months for many parents. I go into Summer Survival Mode as a work at home parent. Here is a Summer Survival Guide for Work at Home Parents Most parents that I have spoken to recently need a survival guide for the summer, regardless of whether they work at home, away … Continue reading

Encourage Children to DREAM

Encourage Children to DREAM

We need to encourage children to DREAM! On my very first day of school, when I was in Kindergarten, I was encouraged to dream. I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was also asked to share my favourite food. I recall randomly throwing out “firefighter” and “oatmeal” as my choices, two completely random things that sat on a piece of paper above my cubby for the entire school year, staring me in the face. I liked oatmeal, but certainly didn’t love it. Perhaps that was what I had for breakfast that morning, I … Continue reading

Twitter Party ALERT: All About Car Seat Safety #CMRCarSeatSafety

Car Seat Safety

My husband and I always tell our children that it is our job as a parent to ensure first and foremost their SAFETY. The priority of their happiness and everything else comes AFTER their SAFETY. This is difficult sometimes for them to understand or accept, but that does not matter, because it is our job as their parent to ensure this. This may sound harsh, but it is a reality as a parent. In order for our children to be SAFE, it is important to do our research and to learn. One area that is very important is… Car Seat … Continue reading

The Solution to a Clutter-Free Home in Days!

Good Call

I’ve got THE Solution to a clutter-free home in just days AND an idea that will leave you feeling like you have definitely made a NICE CALL! You know when your partner says “NICE Call” or “Good Call” when you make a parenting decision and it works out beautifully. This doesn’t happen all too often in our house, but let me tell you that when it does, I celebrate! I feel so great about making good calls as a parent and you should too. What was a recent “nice call” that you made as a parent? I have made ONE … Continue reading

A Must Have Parenting Book {Giveaway}

me epidemic

It is finally here! This year’s MUST HAVE Parenting Book has arrived on the shelves…. BIG NEWS….Are you in need of this MUST HAVE Parenting Book? The deadline to qualify for the 3 Free Coaching Webinars has been extended! Anyone who orders the book by Sunday, August 16 can join author Amy McCready for the following FREE Webinars: Allowance & Chores: The 5 BIG mistakes you could be making. The No-Rescue Policy for Consequences: How to raise kids who take personal responsibility. Gratitude & Empathy: How to raise more grateful and compassionate kids in an over-entitled world. Since posting a … Continue reading

The Me, Me, Me Epidemic

me epidemic

Parenting is HARD! Often, we don’t even realize that we are parenting in such a way that creates situations that are undesirable down the road until it is too late. Please tell me that I’m not the only one worried about the “Me, Me, Me Epidemic” that we seem to be facing with many of today’s youth? Please tell me that I am not the only parent who doesn’t want this for my children, but I’m not always sure how I can ensure this doesn’t happen? Are you tired of this 24/7, often over-stimulated, over-indulged, “can’t get enough” culture that … Continue reading

Parental Influence


Parents often influence their children more than they realize. More often than not, the influences that stick with us for life are those that come from day to day living. I often wonder what parental influence I will have on my children, what day to day behaviours, actions and choices I make will stick with my children into their adult lives. Growing up, my Mom was in charge of the grocery shopping, meal planning and cooking (among many other very important things). My Dad had some household jobs, but he had a very demanding job that often required him to … Continue reading