Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Teaching children about Halloween Safety including tips like never trick-or-treat alone (get your free safety tip printable here) is extremely important. Children need to understand that when it is dark outside, there are additional safety hazards that present themselves. Many people light up their Jack-O-Lanterns with real candles. This has never sat right with me! When I was a Kindergarten teacher, I came up with the idea to light up our pumpkins with a battery-powered flashlight instead of a candle. This way, you don’t have to e concerned with children (you know, the little ones who aren’t watching where they … Continue reading

Twitter Party ALERT: All About Car Seat Safety #CMRCarSeatSafety

Car Seat Safety

My husband and I always tell our children that it is our job as a parent to ensure first and foremost their SAFETY. The priority of their happiness and everything else comes AFTER their SAFETY. This is difficult sometimes for them to understand or accept, but that does not matter, because it is our job as their parent to ensure this. This may sound harsh, but it is a reality as a parent. In order for our children to be SAFE, it is important to do our research and to learn. One area that is very important is… Car Seat … Continue reading

Teaching Your Child About Safety

I have two young children aged two and six and teaching them how to be safe is very important to me. My husband and I have always said to both of our children that we love them very much, but safety comes before happiness! This makes our children upset sometimes, but it is the truth. If our kids aren’t safe, they can’t possibly be happy right? Do you disagree? Now that my daughter is able to read (I am so lucky that she is a good little reader at such a young age!), it is very important to me that … Continue reading