Mess Free Art Idea

Mess free art allows children the space to be creative in a mess free zone – a parent’s dream come true, right? Creativity can take many forms, but often when it comes to children, it is MESSY! Like the protagonist of ‘Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, budding artist Rafe Khatchadorian, would tell you, creative self-expression can take many forms, from a doodle in a note book to a wall covered in Stickies. I can tell you that as a Child Studies major from the University of Guelph, one key learning that continues to stand out in my … Continue reading

Kid Art ROCKS!

kid art

Our main kitchen wall is covered in my children’s artwork. There is even a quote at the top that says: “Every child is an artist.” ~Pablo Picasso Every time I look at our kitchen wall, it makes me smile and it fills my heart and my soul as a Mother and as a person. You see, there is something about colourful and creative art created by children. It is their form of free self expression. It is their hopes, their dreams and how they see the world. My children are 7 and 10 years old and I can honestly say … Continue reading