The Solution to a Clutter-Free Home in Days!

I’ve got THE Solution to a clutter-free home in just days AND an idea that will leave you feeling like you have definitely made a NICE CALL!

Good Call
You know when your partner says “NICE Call” or “Good Call” when you make a parenting decision and it works out beautifully. This doesn’t happen all too often in our house, but let me tell you that when it does, I celebrate! I feel so great about making good calls as a parent and you should too.

What was a recent “nice call”
that you made as a parent?

I have made ONE “nice call” this summer that I am super excited to share with you today as I feel like you may want to copy me if you too are struggling to have a Clutter-Free Home this summer!

This is definitely something that many of struggle with, especially in the summer months when the children tend to be around more often. My house turned into a complete dumping ground and it was starting to drive me CRAZY!

So, after a week away at my parents’ cottage, where I found myself being much more conscious about clutter being left around, I found myself less tolerant of the clutter that had built up in our home.

My solution was definitely a nice call for our family! I brought out the “Uh-Oh Box”, an idea that I found on Pinterest that I used last year. Within just a few days, our home had noticeably less clutter lying around. AND, not only were the children being more mindful of where they were putting their belongings, but so was I!

Yes, I will admit that I am one of the major contributors to our clutter-free home.

This Uh-Oh box concept teaches children:

  • responsibility
  • respect for their belongings
  • respect for our home
  • that everything has a place
  • that their mother is NOT their slave

ALL important life skills, if you ask me!

Basic Uh-Oh Box Concept:

  1. Child leaves toy/item lying around.
  2. Parent picks it up and puts it in the Uh-Oh box.
  3. Child needs to do a job/chore in order to get it out of the Uh-Oh box.
  4. Child quickly learns to take responsbility for their belongings.
  5. A happy home and a parent feeling like they made a nice call.

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