Saving for Your Child’s Education #EducationSavingsWeek

Educations Savings Week

Children are expensive little creatures. Saving for your child’s education is not always easy. In this day and age saving for your child’s education is a subject that you should research and understand. By the time our children complete high school, post secondary education fees are going to be considerably higher. There are many ways to invest in your child’s future by saving for your child’s education. Heritage Education Funds will be sharing tips on their blog all week from November 21 – 25 to help you understand your options. In our family, we have a set amount that comes … Continue reading

Encourage Children to DREAM

Encourage Children to DREAM

We need to encourage children to DREAM! On my very first day of school, when I was in Kindergarten, I was encouraged to dream. I remember being asked what I wanted to be when I grew up. I was also asked to share my favourite food. I recall randomly throwing out “firefighter” and “oatmeal” as my choices, two completely random things that sat on a piece of paper above my cubby for the entire school year, staring me in the face. I liked oatmeal, but certainly didn’t love it. Perhaps that was what I had for breakfast that morning, I … Continue reading

Thank You, Teachers for my Education and more!

Thank You Teachers

Thank you, to all of my teachers! You all played a part in helping to form the person who I am today. You encouraged me to dream. You encouraged me to grow. You encouraged me to take risks. You encouraged me to be confident. You encouraged me to try my best at everything I do. You encouraged me to participate. You encouraged me to be brave. Some teachers influenced me in ways that I will never forget. Some teachers made me feel like an individual. Some teachers scared me, but they taught me how to be brave. Some teachers were … Continue reading

Teaching Your Preschooler How to Spell Their Name

Teaching Your Preschooler How to Spell Their Name

Once a Kindergarten teacher, always a Kindergarten teacher! Even though I don’t teach children in a school setting anymore, my eyes open up wide and my ears perk up with regards to children and education. Education can come in many forms and what I love best about teaching young children is that you can make games, crafts and fun activities into educational ones so easily! When my friend Tiffany from Naturally Cracked shared her super idea for teaching Your preschooler how to spell their name, I was ALL OVER IT! What a fun way for a young child to have … Continue reading

How Can I Teach My Preschooler?

teach my preschooler

From the moment your child is born, you are their teacher. You teach them to talk, to walk, to use a potty, to wash their hands, to hang up their coat and put their shoes in their place. You teach them how to share, how interact with others, and even how to talk on the phone. Now that your toddler has become a preschooler – what are they learning? Letters. Shapes. Numbers. Reading. Writing. The focus has shifted to more academics, and for many people – that can be intimidating. But, don’t panic. You CAN teach your preschooler. You’ve already … Continue reading

5 Days of Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Stores {Giveaway}

Teachers Pay Teachers

My friend Lisa Marie from The Canadian Homeschooler is hosting a wonderful opportunity for ANYONE who enjoys providing their children with fun and educational activities at home during her 5 Days of Canadian Teachers Pay Teachers Event. Each day this week, Lisa Marie will be featuring a new teacher and product (think printables, activities, templates) from the Teachers Pay Teachers site, one of my favourite sites ever! The Teachers Pay Teachers Store is an open marketplace where teachers can share, sell and purchase affordable, original teacher resources. It is also a place where parents can go to find activities for … Continue reading

Teaching Kids Their ABCs and Dinosaur Stick Puppets

Dinosaur Stick Puppet

Children LOVE to make puppets and stick puppets are one of the easiest kind to make! Learn the simple steps to making a Dinosaur Stick Puppet. You can do this activity for every letter of the alphabet! Simply choose an object or animal that starts with each letter, find a printable image for that object/animal and have your child cut it out, decorate it and tape it to a popsicle stick. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a stick puppet for each letter of the alphabet? You could even make up a fun song!