Concussions are SERIOUS!

Concussions are REAL and if left undiagnosed and untreated, can cause serious long term effects. Children often are involved in play and sports that increase their risks for a head injury and possibly a concussion. Since becoming a parent, I have heard of conflicting information with regards to diagnosing and managing concussions, which is a cause for concern. I am grateful to have learned of a new service that is FREE to Canadians to provide extra assistance when a child has a suspected concussion.
Concussions are Serious
An estimated 225,000 Canadians suffer from concussions each year. Thirty per cent of all traumatic brain injuries are sustained by children and youth, many of them while participating in sports and recreational activities. [Brain Injury Association of Canada]

Understanding brain injury is a critical issue that is often overlooked in sports, when compared with more visible injuries such as fractures.

Providing individuals with the knowledge, assessments, and clinical care necessary to minimize the impacts of a head injury is the goal of Dr. Neilank Jha’s Konkussion clinic.

Dr. Neilank Jha, renowned Toronto neurosurgeon and Chairman of KONKUSSION states that “a severe concussion can permanently change the way a child can play, learn and interact with others. However, most concussions, when treated properly, don’t turn out to be a matter of life and death. 80 per cent of people get better in a short frame of time. That gets overlooked very often.”

Did you know that athletes who suffer a concussion are more likely to suffer a second concussion in close succession. And that’s the real cause for concern, says Dr. Jha.

Canadians looking for more information on acute head injuries should call 1-855-899-KONK (5665), ideally within 24-48 hours of sustaining an injury. They can also visit and register as an athlete to get more information on concussions.

KONKUSSION is a private clinic and advocacy group in Toronto dedicated to the diagnosis and management of concussions. They recently launched a complimentary, PUBLIC, 24/7 concussion hotline for Canadians.

The hotline will provide potentially lifesaving concussion emergency counselling over the phone to patients – overseen by neurosurgeons and neurologists who have volunteered their time. Please note that this service is not a replacement for a visit to the hospital; but rather, an additional no-cost resource for concussion education.

Play safe and avoid concussions!

This post has been sponsored by Konkussion in hopes to bring more concussion awareness to families who have children engaged in sports activities. Do not take any of the information in this post as medical advice, instead be sure to seek assistance from a trained professional if a concussion is suspected.

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5 Responses to Concussions are SERIOUS!

  1. kathy downey says:

    This is a serious issue, brain injury is a critical that’s for sure.We have to protect ourselves

  2. Carole Dube says:

    I had a bad one falling down the stairs a few years ago. I had headache for 4 days. The heal of my shoes caught on the robber edge of the stair.

  3. Wanda Tracey says:

    I had a bad one falling down the stairs a year ago and it took me forever to get over it.I could hear things like I was underwater and it was difficult to keep up with conversations.

  4. Judy Cowan says:

    Yes they are serious. If in doubt always better to get things checked out after anyone hits their head.

  5. Sarah K says:

    My daughter had a suspected consussion in the spring after a fall off her bike. She was wearing a helmet thank goodness. They kept her in hospital over night for observation and she had a CT scan. Very nerve wracking.

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