Ten Tips To Keep Your Children Reading Over the Summer


While we have hit the month of August, there are still five weeks left of summer to go and PLENTY of time for your child to READ! For some children, reading is a part of their daily routine because they love reading. For others, reading is not a preferred past time and they might require some encouragement or even an incentive or two. This blog post is for that later group in order to help you keep your children reading over the summer. Do you need help figuring out how to keep your children reading over the summer? Set a … Continue reading

Summer Survival Guide for Work at Home Parents


I do love the summer time! There is a certain excitement and joy that fills the air. A freedom that surrounds us. The children have a break from school. Some parents have a break from preparing school lunches or enforcing homework routines. BUT, there are new struggles during the summer months for many parents. I go into Summer Survival Mode as a work at home parent. Here is a Summer Survival Guide for Work at Home Parents Most parents that I have spoken to recently need a survival guide for the summer, regardless of whether they work at home, away … Continue reading

Outdoor Water Play This Summer

Nerf water Fun

Yes, we are all starting to feel the wind down of summer starting, but there is still plenty of time to have outdoor water play! Outdoor water play is a popular summer time activity with kids! You don’t need to have a pool or even a sprinkler to enjoy outdoor water play on a hot summer day. This summer, my children have been playing with a Nerf Super Soaker and a Nerf Rebelle and they have had a blast! With the “no spraying people’s faces” and “only spray someone if they are consenting to participate in the outdoor water play” … Continue reading