Mess Free Art Idea

Mess free art allows children the space to be creative in a mess free zone – a parent’s dream come true, right? Creativity can take many forms, but often when it comes to children, it is MESSY!
Mess Free Art
Like the protagonist of ‘Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life, budding artist Rafe Khatchadorian, would tell you, creative self-expression can take many forms, from a doodle in a note book to a wall covered in Stickies.

I can tell you that as a Child Studies major from the University of Guelph, one key learning that continues to stand out in my mind was the big old debate of process vs product and the importance of allowing children to have a healthy mix of “how to” methods and creative freedom. Many parents dote over the cute holiday themed crafts, but in all truth, when children are given the space, time and opportunity to freely express themselves, that is when true creativity and artistic ability comes alive!

My kids LOVE a messy activity, in fact this weekend we made balloon stress balls with flour and let me tell you that a clean up was much needed after that activity.

Sometimes, the kids are seeking out a creative activity, but for one reason or another, I do not agree to dragging out the craft bin (YES! We have a huge bin dedicated just to craft materials). This is when we have to get creative.

Stickies are great because they allow kids to be creative with NO mess! AND, the beauty is that when they are finished (and a photo has been taken), they can be taken down and reused as traditional sticky notes or as notes in their lunches.

So, if you feel like creativity has a place everywhere, you likely will enjoy this movie –
check out the trailer:

Movie Synopsis:
MIDDLE SCHOOL: The Worst Years of My Life chronicles the trials and triumphs of Rafe Khatchadorian, as he uses his wits to battle bullies, hormones and the tyrannical, test-obsessed Principal Dwight.

Rafe has an epic imagination…and a slight problem with authority. Both collide when he transfers to an oppressive, rule-crazy middle school. Drowning in do’s and don’ts, Rafe and his scheming best friend Leo hatch a plan to break every rule in the school’s Code of Conduct. It’s Ferris Bueller meets Home Alone as their battle with Principal Dwight explodes into chaos both real and imagined. But Dwight displays his own fiendish creativity, striking back at the rulebreakers. Meanwhile, Rafe struggles to hide his misbehavior from Jeanne, the straight-A, overachieving girl of his dreams, and at home, his mother’s boyfriend — a moochy, jack-of-no-trades named Bear — threatens to become his stepfather.

Rafe’s revolution leaps from the page to the screen in this ambitious live-action/animated comedy based on the New York Times bestseller “Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life” by legendary novelist James Patterson.
Mess Free Art

Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life is now in theatres!

Do you have a mess free art idea for kids?

This post has been generously sponsored by Entertainment One. All opinions are my own and have not been influenced in any way.

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7 Responses to Mess Free Art Idea

  1. kathy downey says:

    Yes we have a mess-free station downstairs with everything needed to be creative !!

  2. Carole Dube says:

    My mess free station as always be the kitchen table. It wasn’t really mess free but easy to clean.

  3. Judy Cowan says:

    Painting drop sheet and Vinyl Tablecloths from the Dollar Store are very helpful when things get a little messy!

  4. Laurie P says:

    we just stocked up on stickies. I think daddy has a plan for them lol

  5. kathy downey says:

    I love Dollar store table cloths or drop cloths for when we get creative !

  6. Heidi C. says:

    I use old sheets and towels during my kids’ creative moments. We definitely learned the necessity of these the hard way.

  7. kathy downey says:

    To be honest it’s not often we have a mess-free craft day

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