Healthy Snack Ideas for Busy Families

Health Snack Ideas for your Family

Healthy snacks that are filled with protein are sometimes difficult to find when you are on the go. BUT, including protein in every meal is so important! As a Mom, I am often struggling to find healthy snacks to pack for my children who seem to be hungry all of the time! Some ideas of protein-rich foods include nuts, chick peas and greek yogurt. I often make batches of No Bake, Healthy Oatmeal Granola Bars for my children that include protein in the peanut butter. You can also find some more Healthy Snack Ideas in my Recipe Index. I enjoyed … Continue reading

Three Delicious Thai Appetizer Ideas

Thai Cocktail Meatballs

Will you be entertaining in the near future? I know that when I am going to be entertaining, the first thing I do is hit my recipe books and the internet for some food ideas, don’t you? I have to admit that I am not a fish person, but some of these recipes look and sound SO good, I might actually be encouraged to try them if they were put in front of me. The truth is, because they looked so good, I just HAD to share them with you because I know that so many of you are “fish … Continue reading

Zucchini Lasagna

zucchini lasagna

I LOVE lasagna! It’s a good thing, because I married into an Italian family! I have had many different spins on lasagna over the years and have enjoyed every single one of them! I will admit that I have never tried a seafood lasagna because I’m not a seafood/fish type of gal, but I’ve had many other varieties. Today, I’m sharing with you Snack Girl’s version of Zucchini Lasagna! Doesn’t it look delicious?   Zucchini Lasagna Recipe Type: main dish Cuisine: Italian Author: Multi-Testing Mommy This healthy spin on a traditional lasagna made with zucchini is simply delicious! Ingredients 1 … Continue reading

7 Delicious Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas

Valentine's Day Treats

I’m a sucker for sweet things. This Mama has one big sweet tooth! That’s why I buckle at all of the Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas that I find all over the internet. I want to make them all! Valentine’s Day is a great excuse to spoil the people you love! One way to do that is through Valentine’s Day Treats! In this post, Kristen from Country Fit Family and I have compiled some Delicious Valentine’s Day Treat Ideas! BUT, let’s be honest for a minute, it is very easy to create heart themed food with various sizes of heart cookie … Continue reading

Baked Eggs and Cheese in Toast Cups

baked eggs and cheese

I’ve been trying to come up with some breakfast ideas that are healthy and include protein to get my day started off right. I recently received a copy of Snack Girl to review and discovered a super fun recipe that I would like to (with permission) share with you: Baked Eggs and Cheese in Toast Cups. This breakfast dish is not only healthy, but I also find it super fun for the kids. When I make delicious, fun breakfasts, the kids eat a proper meal to start off their day. It is important to me that they go to school … Continue reading

Off to a Healthier Start with a Mixed Berry Smoothie #ONatural #Giveaway

Mixed Berry Smoothies

Many people view January as a fresh start. There are many areas in my life that could use a fresh start. One of those areas is my home. I have been DECLUTTERING my home since the beginning of January and I can’t tell you just how much happier and healthier I feel already! Another area of my life that could use some attention is my physical health. I have always struggled with my body as I am not a very athletic person and for whatever reason, my will power when it comes to food choices has been terrible ever since … Continue reading

Chocolate Gingerbread Crunch Cookies – Mason Jar Cookie Mix #FeelGoodHoliday {Giveaway & FREE Printable}

Chocolate Gingerbread Crunch Cookies - Mason Jar Cookie Mix

Mason jars have become quite trendy as of late, would you not agree? Here is a gift that you could give a teacher, a hostess, a neighbour or a bus driver: a Mason Jar Cookie Mix. Your children can help you put this simple gift together or you can whip it up quite quickly on your own. Either way, it makes a perfect gift for many different people in your life. Prep Time: 10 minutes Cook Time: 10 minutes Makes: 48 cookies Ingredients: 2 cups all-purpose flour 1 tsp baking soda 1/2 tsp salt 1 cup Nature’s Path Love Crunch® … Continue reading

Fresh Breath Pie… #HolidaySecretsExposed {Giveaway}

Reindeer Cupcakes

Everyone has a secret to tell! You must have a secret, a disaster or a hilarious experience that has happened during holidays in the past. Let’s hear them….your Holiday Secrets Exposed! Ok, ok, I’ll start….. When my husband and I were not yet married and living in our first basement apartment, I was super excited to entertain all of my friends. I had never entertained before, so I was a tad nervous how all of the food would turn out, so I would often do a “trial” meal to ensure that I knew what I was doing. Go ahead, call … Continue reading

5 Tips for Baking with Kids During the Holidays #HallmarkPressPause {Giveaway}

Baking with Kids Giveaway

Many people enjoy baking during the holidays. In fact, holiday baking is often party of a family’s tradition. It is NO secret that children love to bake! However, many parents are often overwhelmed with the extra amount of work that comes along with baking with children. Here are some helpful tips when baking with kids: Get ingredients out and organized ahead of time. – It is amazing what kind of “trouble” children can get into when you are busy trying to locate ingredients and tools. Measure out the trickier ingredients. – Depending on the age of the children, you may … Continue reading

First Birthday Party Ideas

First Birthday Party Ideas

All birthdays are wonderful occasions but that first birthday celebration is especially significant. How do you plan a party that will hold a lifetime of memories? Whether you host a small gathering for family and a few close friends or decide to throw an extravagant bash for a crowd, plan for success by deciding on a theme and then the decoration ideas, birthday cake design and party favors will be much easier to choose. A party theme is simply an idea that unifies all the party elements. There are innumerable possibilities, including: nursery rhymes, a favorite book, popular characters (Disney, … Continue reading