Fresh Breath Pie… #HolidaySecretsExposed {Giveaway}

Everyone has a secret to tell!
You must have a secret, a disaster or a hilarious experience that has happened during holidays in the past.

Let’s hear them….your Holiday Secrets Exposed!

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Ok, ok, I’ll start…..
When my husband and I were not yet married and living in our first basement apartment, I was super excited to entertain all of my friends. I had never entertained before, so I was a tad nervous how all of the food would turn out, so I would often do a “trial” meal to ensure that I knew what I was doing. Go ahead, call me a geek! It’s ok!

I don’t remember what we had for dinner this particular time, but I will NEVER forget what we had for dessert. It was Grasshopper Pie – Amanda’s version. Now, the first version that I made turned out beautifully! It was creamy with a hint of mint and I absolutely loved it as did my husband. The next week, I made the one we would serve to our guests. All went well until we actually bit into the pie. Oh my goodness! Everyone swallowed their first bite, but that was all that they had because the pie literally tasted like mouthwash, it was SO minty! To this day, I still remember measuring the proper amount of mint extract, but clearly I was wrong! From then on, whenever we have them over for dinner, they always ask if we will be having Amanda’s Famous Grasshopper Pie for dessert.

My husband reminded me of his best Christmas ever when I shared with him my memory of the Grasshopper Pie disaster. We were up at my parents’ cottage celebrating Christmas in a small town with very limited grocery options. My Mom started to prepare the turkey, when she learned that the turkey had gone bad. It was immediately thrown in the garbage, but luckily she had a beef tenderloin in the freezer which she promptly prepared for that night. That night, we ended up having a delicious beef tenderloin with all of the fixings (including stuffing) for a Christmas turkey dinner. This was the best holiday meal my husband has ever had as he isn’t a huge fan of turkey and he loves beef and for my mom, it is the Christmas she will never forget because she didn’t get to have her favourite turkey dinner.

What is Your Biggest Holiday Disaster? Share your biggest holiday disaster and be entered to have a chance to win one of 100 pre-paid credit cards valued at $100 each.

Campbell’s also has a huge sleigh full of helpful holiday hacks to get you through any sticky holiday situation, including:

Pepperidge Farm® Cracker Chips – Fill a bowl with these and no one will notice that dinner’s late! The bold flavour and crunch of a chip, baked into a wholesome cracker, will leave guests satisfied with these yummy snacks while you scramble to get dinner on the table. Five whole grains, delicious ingredients like savoury real garlic and 60% less fat than 20g of the leading potato chip, your guests can indulge without the guilt!

Campbell’s® Ready to Use Broth – Brings flavour to dishes and helps prevent dry conversation. While there’s no guarantee that all of Uncle Wayne’s jokes will be winners, your Classic Holiday Stuffing will be! Campbell’s Ready to Use Chicken Broth adds a mouth full of flavour to your holiday meals, with a simple pour straight from the box.

Campbell’s® Condensed Soup – The perfect foundation for classic recipes (that even your mother-in-law will love). So you burned the turkey last year – who didn’t!? It’s time to redeem yourself. Campbell’s Condensed Soup is “Step 1” in a variety of great recipes, including fan (and in-law) favourite Ultra Creamy Mashed Potatoes. Start with great flavours, plus a glass of wine for the chef, and you’ll be sure to satisfy even the fussiest guests.

Pepperidge Farm® Cookies – Put your foot in your mouth? Your guests would prefer these.
Two easy steps to salvage a holiday faux-pas:
1) Remove foot from mouth
2) Replace foot with Pepperidge Farm® Cookies

Simple! Alternatively, whip up a batch of festive Reindeer Cupcakes decorated with Pepperidge Farm® Monaco® Double Chocolate Cookies. A little something sweet to save you when something you said wasn’t.
Reindeer Cupcakes
Goldfish® Chocolate Grahams – Not a master baker? Throw some of these in a bowl! Reality check! Moms around the world burn one million batches of chocolate chip cookies every holiday season* in preparation for Santa’s arrival. Skip the stress, and leave him Goldfish Grahams instead! Rumour has it, chocolate is his favourite.
*just kidding – this is a faux stat just for the fun of it!

It’s Giveaway Time!
Campbell's Holiday Secrets prize pack
Prize: A Campbell’s/Pepperidge Farm Gift Basket
valued at approximately $50
Open to: Canadian Residents who are of the age of majority in their place of residence see our Rules and Regulations at the bottom of the Giveaway Tools form for more details.
Giveaway Ends: December 21, 2014 11:59pm EST

What is your biggest holiday disaster that you can remember?

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51 Responses to Fresh Breath Pie… #HolidaySecretsExposed {Giveaway}

  1. Michelle says:

    Even though We planned and timed out the turkey for cooking when it came to dinner time it wasn’t done..Ham to the rescue!!! 🙂

  2. UglyMummy says:

    i forgot my sister in law didnt like mayo and all the dressings/dips had mayo in them…

  3. elaing8 says:

    I was taking the turkey out of the pan and it slipped and fell, and landed on the door of the oven. So I just quickly scooped it up and placed it on the serving dish and carved it as best I could (was a bit

  4. Josh says:

    I burnt the turkey!

  5. lp says:

    Title: it couldn’t get any worse than this – could it? thanks

  6. fossie55 says:

    I did a turkey dinner and forgot to put the savory in my dressing. I did not realize it until I took some myself during dinner. In my family you don’t make dressing without the Newfoundland Savory. Florence C

  7. Christine O'Connor says:

    I forgot I had appetizers in the oven and they were like one giant burnt on the bottom cookie. they all lifted off pan at once.

  8. flowerchild23 says:


  9. Tea & Nail Polish says:

    I use packet gravy but mix it with the roast juices so people think I made it

  10. dewinner says:

    Name of confession Frozen Turkey! shoot forgot you used this form (Doris Calvert on raff)

  11. Judy Cowan says:

    One year I was responsible for cleaning and getting the turkey into the oven. I thought I has done great until my sister went to pull out the stuffing and pulled out paper towels as well. I forgot to take them out before I stuffed the bird, I still get reminded of it every year!

  12. Kimberly B says:

    My mom kept telling me to try the new recipe where you wrap the turkey in cheese cloth to cook. It looked incredibly delicious when we took it out of the oven. We all thought this would be the best turkey ever! That was until we sliced it and there was nothing inside the meat had completely disintegrated and all we had was a shell just like the turkey on National Lampoons Christmas Vacation. I have never listened to my mother since!

  13. alisa1 says:

    forgetting to buy some crucial ingredients is by far my worst. And I do it quite often even with the list in hand 🙁 We rarely drink alcohol, so usually only buy it for the occasions and not getting enough wine once was very embarrassing.

  14. Stephanie La Plante says:

    One time on Christmas Eve, my dad had to many cheerful holiday drinks and while dancing, he fell into the Christmas tree squishing 2 gifts underneath. We all laughed it off.

  15. Julie G. says:

    Convection Confession is the name of my submission

  16. Kristi C says:

    We had gone to my husband’s brother’s house one year for Thanksgiving. He assured us they had everything for the dinner and insisted we not bring a thing. When we arrived at nine o”clock the night before Thanksgiving the 20 lb turkey was still in the freezer, his wife was too “sick” to cook (but could stay up and drink and play cards until four in the morning), and I was to have Thanksgiving dinner cooked and ready for everyone to eat at noon. The turkey never unthawed enough but as ordered I made sure it was on the table at noon. I would not let my children eat the turkey and we have never been back.

  17. Belinda McNabb says:

    last year we had company over for the holiday and the finger foods
    in the oven. Did not pay attention to the temp I put the oven on and when I went to check them the outside of lots of them where burnt. Had nothing else at all to serve so I hid in the kitchen to “scrape” off the first layer. I served them and they were not too bad!

  18. Lisa Knox Neutel says:

    one christmas i made my first turkey..epic was raw we had a late christmas dinner

  19. Nicolthe pickle says:

    We were having company and I was making pretzels. I forgot to put the yeast in. I thought the dough hadn’t risen much, but it was nice and relaxed so I made them. They were so chewy.

  20. stephen gordon says:

    One time we left the turkey into long yummy crispy dry as dirt. Had to use processed ham. Thanks for the chance.

  21. Heidi C. says:

    Turkey Timing Disaster is the title of my confession.

  22. kathy downey says:

    Last year we were getting ready for a family dinner and when hubby was taking the turkey out of the oven and getting ready to sit it on the counter it slipped out of his hand and felt to the floor with turkey,drippings and onions flying all over my freshly painted cupboards.We still had an amazing dinner with veggies and stuffing and family.

  23. Dayna Wilson says:

    I was invited to dinner at my mum’s house and my sister’s daughter was being a total brat and pushing my (much younger) son. I told her off, my sister lost it on me, and we spent Christmas dinner hardly talking while my mum cried. Oops.

  24. Victoria Ess says:

    I was invited to my partner’s house for Christmas eve and hours before the dinner I dropped the cheesecake I had baked! Luckily it landed right side up but it was a bit misshapen — I served it anyway!

  25. Jenny Major says:

    Im cooking my first turkey this christmas!

  26. Karen Drake says:

    I once cooked a ham with the brown paper wrapping still on it, I am not sure if they still package them that way but I always check now when I remove the plastic to make sure there isn’t a layer of brown paper.

  27. Soozle says:

    My confession was a deviled egg flub involving paprika being stirred in rather than sprinkled on top – bright orange eggs 😛

  28. Leela says:

    Cookies not turning out right after moving to a much higher altitude.

  29. Lushka Smith says:

    The oven conked out on Christmas day, off to another location to save the day.

  30. susan1215 says:

    I overcooked the turkey one year.

  31. Edmond Leung says:

    OMG, overcooked , burnt turkey.. Wow, prize gift basket is fab. &
    splendid. 2 fingers snap. It is tight, fly & off the chain. Thank you
    for the awesomeness, the contest, and generosity. Pick me, pick me!
    Dear Santa: I’ve been nice. My X-Mas wish this year is to win this contest.
    Starving artist here desperately needs the gift basket to eat

  32. Bryan E. says:

    Oops…Sorry about that…Canada only…please disregard my entry above: Brian E.

    Brian E.

  33. MrDPrize says:

    one time i was baking cookies and grabbed the salt instead of the sugar. it didnt’ turn out so well

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  35. elizamatt says:

    I love these Reindeer Cupcakes, they are absolutely adorable.

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