Mad Scientist Party Ideas


Do you have a scientist (or a wannabe) at your house? Maybe you’d like your child’s next birthday party to include a fun educational element? With the potential of costumes, decorations, an interesting dessert table and fabulous science experiments, the Mad Scientist birthday party theme could be just what you’re hoping for. It’s a celebration that can be easily tailored to a wide variety of ages and interests; build your party around outer space, chemistry, the human body, animal life or whatever scientific field of study would most fascinate your birthday celebrant. Any party that invites the crowd to step … Continue reading

All Aboard with These Train Party Ideas


Celebrate your birthday child by taking a ride back into the past—or zoom into the future—with a train themed birthday party. Whether you choose a vintage railway or a contemporary city subway, a train themed celebration can go places without leaving the station. A train-centric cake on a dessert table with boxcars full of treats, decorations and favors is a ticket to childhood fun! A charming train shaped invitation can include a boarding pass ticket with party particulars. It will ramp up excitement for your event, and if you encourage guests to bring their boarding pass with them, it can … Continue reading

How to Plan a Minecraft Birthday Party

Minecraft Birthday Party

If there is a gamer at your house you can bet he or she would love a Minecraft birthday party! Even if you’ve never played the game you’ll be able to easily pull this party together because, just like in the game, everything is built out of a simple square shape. Ready to build a birthday universe? In the Minecraft game, earthy browns, greens and sky blue predominate the colour scheme. The Minecraft mountains, trees, and oceans can become a beautiful scenario or a fearsome destination. The player is the programmer so s/he constructs the story and the world with … Continue reading

First Birthday Party Ideas

First Birthday Party Ideas

All birthdays are wonderful occasions but that first birthday celebration is especially significant. How do you plan a party that will hold a lifetime of memories? Whether you host a small gathering for family and a few close friends or decide to throw an extravagant bash for a crowd, plan for success by deciding on a theme and then the decoration ideas, birthday cake design and party favors will be much easier to choose. A party theme is simply an idea that unifies all the party elements. There are innumerable possibilities, including: nursery rhymes, a favorite book, popular characters (Disney, … Continue reading

Tips for Planning a 5 Star Construction Themed Party


If you’re focused on building a 5 star construction themed party, I’ve dug up some help to get you started. Caution: hard hat area ahead! I’ve hammered out a few suggestions for invitations, decorations, activities and refreshments that you can build on to create one solid celebration! Build excitement with awesome invitations A creative invitation can help you build excitement for your party. Think about how you might incorporate the construction theme into your invitation. One possibility includes cutting out either a construction truck or caution sign from cardstock and adding your own party details, like, “Caution: Sam is turning … Continue reading

Has Childrens’ Privacy Been Taken TOO Far?

Likely just by the title of this post, you will know where I stand on this matter, but I completely respect that everyone has their own unique situations and their own opinions and now is the time to share them! Here is the background story on the privacy of childrens’ names… My son is turning 5 in a few weeks and we are frantically (my fault, I know!) trying to put together a little birthday party for him. You see, up until now, we have celebrated his birthday with both sides of the family, but we have not yet held … Continue reading

FUN Birthday Loot Bags with @OliversLabels {REVIEW}

What’s a Party Without a Good Lootbag?Let Oliver’s Labels Help You!Multi-Testing Mommy is an Oliver’s Labels affiliateWe received the opportunity to create and order Oliver’s Labels Loot Bag Labels for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. Have you found that your child has brought home loot bag after loot bag that is filled with junk that gets used for a day or two and then ends up breaking or tossed aside? Oliver’s Labels has created a Loot Bag Package that allows you to personalize labels for each of your birthday party guests. I love how easy the process is to add … Continue reading