5 Tips for Baking with Kids During the Holidays #HallmarkPressPause {Giveaway}

Many people enjoy baking during the holidays. In fact, holiday baking is often party of a family’s tradition. It is NO secret that children love to bake! However, many parents are often overwhelmed with the extra amount of work that comes along with baking with children.
Baking with Kids
Here are some helpful tips when baking with kids:

  1. Get ingredients out and organized ahead of time. – It is amazing what kind of “trouble” children can get into when you are busy trying to locate ingredients and tools.
  2. Measure out the trickier ingredients. – Depending on the age of the children, you may wish to pre-measure all ingredients and place them in small dishes for easy pouring/adding.
  3. Set clear expectations. – Like with many activities with children, if you set clear expectations, you are setting yourself and your children up for success.
  4. Print off a recipe OR use a resealable baggie for electronic devices. – Just like I am a messy baker, so are children! Print off your recipe ahead of time so that your children can handle it and read it (or try to read it) independently. If you are using a tablet or electronic device to save paper, protect it in a resealable baggie ahead of time to prevent powder and sticky fingers from getting it dirty.
  5. Have children help to clean up. – While it may be easier to clean up the mess by yourself, you need to remember that you are setting them up for their future. Can you picture your kitchen ten years from now if your children were never part of the clean up?

Added Bonus: If there are parts to the baking that are easier done by an adult, be sure to have a clean cloth on hand for messy fingers and set up a simple activity for your children (like colouring pages) for them to do while you do the “adult only” part of the baking.

It’s Giveaway Time!
I am so thrilled to be sharing a Hallmark Special Holiday Giveaway with you to help you with your holiday baking in the future! It also includes some adorable Hallmark itty bitty toys that children will adore!
Baking with Kids Giveaway
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Open to: Canadian Residents who are of the age of majority in their place of residence see our Rules and Regulations at the bottom of the Giveaway Tools form for more details.
Giveaway Ends: December 21, 2014 11:59pm EST
*NOTE* Potential winner has 24 hours to respond to winning email (from the time the email was sent0 and to fill out the winner’s form.

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77 Responses to 5 Tips for Baking with Kids During the Holidays #HallmarkPressPause {Giveaway}

  1. Karen C Hill says:

    Baking cookies with my mom – we do it every year and now that my little boy is old enough, he helps us to. So much fun

  2. lori b says:

    we still do christmas stockings / baking tip for this time of year, is I bake items that are freezer friendly

  3. Pat Drouillard says:

    decorating gingerbread men with christmas songs really loud

  4. Michelle Kristin Galante says:

    I like to bake a head and freeze things, cookie dough are the best to have on hand.

  5. Stephanie La Plante says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is decorating my wheelchair with Christmas lights

  6. elaing8 says:

    Baking tip – bake ahead of time and freeze it. Then take it out the night before you need it.
    A favorite tradition is when my nieces and nephews com over and help bake cookies.

  7. Judy Cowan says:

    I am with a lot of other, bake ahead and freeze! My favourite holiday tradition is to make homemade chocolate with my hubby to give as gifts!

  8. Tanya B says:

    Favourite tradition since I was a child is taking a day with the family and baking.

  9. Ashley J says:

    Building a gingerbread house 🙂

  10. raynebow12 says:

    my favourite tradition is every year we build a gingerbread house or something out of gingerbread with the kids, We have made a barn and silo,with animals, a cabin, a castle… we also make a chocolate house. i fill the gingerbread house with treats and small gifts and on New Years Day they get to smash it open!

  11. kathy downey says:

    i love making a gingerbread house with the kids

  12. Victoria Ess says:

    I love kris kringle! My baking tip is to keep it simple!

  13. Jenn Erin L says:

    We have a gingerbread house decorating “competition” every year. as for baking tips, i’m not much of a baker!

  14. lp says:

    clean up as you go. thanks

  15. Amy says:

    Have fun while you are baking

  16. MrDPrize says:

    our tradition is to open a stocking stuffer the night before.
    no baking tips

  17. leanne m says:

    We have our turkey on Christmas eve and then drive around looking at Christmas lights.

  18. Darwin says:

    Our favourite holiday tradition is to ride the Christmas train every year with the kids

  19. lisa bolduc says:

    We always open pj’s on xmas eve. Lately my baking tip involves trying to do anything with a baby. To do my baking. I give my little guy some whisks and other tools that are kids safe and I put some sprinkles on his high chair and let him go crazy just trying to mom
    Ve the sprinkles around

  20. Nicolthe pickle says:

    We watch the Grinch all together. It’s fun.

  21. Carol Denny says:

    We get together with all our family the week before Christmas. there are about 80 aunts,uncles,cousins,nieces and nephews. Its pot luck and some of bring little gifts for the kids under 16. This year we have 27 kids under that age!

  22. fossie55 says:

    I bake cookies and a fruit cake.
    Florence C

  23. Robin says:

    We bake a ton of holiday cookies in one day with my in-laws so everyone goes home with boxes of different types of cookies

  24. flowerchild23 says:

    I love decorating the Christmas tree with my family. My baking tip is to have fun and do it with family and friends.

  25. lisa mclain says:

    dont burn anything LOL

  26. wobbles13 says:

    elf on the shelf and advent calendar!

  27. Jennpup says:

    We bake some traditional Norwegian cookies 🙂

  28. Travelbuds says:

    putting snacks out for Santa and the reindeer

  29. Shannon Baas says:

    Mine is going to candlelight services.

  30. Jason Vaughn says:

    I mainly use pre-made

  31. Francine F. says:

    baking shortbread

  32. Sheida says:

    Enjoy the holiday season and don’t stress about gifts!

  33. Darlene Schuller says:

    Bake ahead!!

  34. dglitter says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is baking cookies while decorating the tree. My holiday tip? Don’t try to do so much!

  35. Monique Rizzo says:

    I bake in November ahead of time. That way I am not trying to bake in the hustle and bustle of the holidays. Just freeze your cookies!!

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  37. Valerie Theberge says:

    I love to bake Christmas cookies!

  38. Andrea Amy says:

    Favourite tradition is decorating the tree. I don’t have any tips for baking, just relax and enjoy it and it no big deal if your cookies don’t look like the ones on pinterest lol

  39. Maegan Morin says:

    I love letting the kids open one present on Christmas Eve. Its always pjs lol.

  40. Alexandra Rebecca says:

    Baking cookies for friends and family!

  41. Sunshine g says:

    My favourite tradition is decorating the tree – so much fun with kids!

  42. Karine says:

    Love to put up the christmas tree all together

  43. Heidi C. says:

    Our family putting up the decorations as well as the Christmas tree together.

  44. elizamatt says:

    wrapping the presents up that I will be putting under the tree 🙂

  45. Gia Dình says:

    We invite homeless people over for dinner. Make sure to bake lots of cookies.

  46. channallocks says:

    have fun

  47. Erica Carnes says:

    We like watching movies.

  48. Christina B. says:

    Putting up the outdoor Christmas Lights together. While baking, listen to some Christmas music to get you in the spirit!

  49. Carol Mclemore says:

    Making ornaments with the kids every year for the tree.

  50. Lauren Eggers says:

    mine is going to my dads to enjoy hot cocoa

  51. Kimberly Deallovingrandma Stcl says:

    My favorite is playing games on Christmas eve

  52. iggysaysno says:

    Baking tip – make multiple breads at once and freeze

  53. dz917 says:

    We open al of our gifts Christmas Eve – that’s my favorite!

  54. missbobloblaw says:

    Love opening the one gift on Christmas Eve!

    My baking tip is more of a sanity saver tip- if you are building a gingerbread house with the kiddos assemble the structure the night before so the royal icing has time to set!!

  55. Karen Drake says:

    Our favorite Christmas tradition is decorating the tree.

  56. sexybrat says:

    My favorite Holiday tradition is having Santa come check on the kids on Christmas Eve, and then everyone getting up and opening presents.

  57. Anna W says:

    Our favourite tradition is getting a fresh tree to decorate.

  58. Cooking for my family and getting into the wine.

  59. Penny B says:

    My favorite family tradition is everyone getting new PJ’s on Christmas Eve 🙂 My baking tip is to have fun trying new things, but don’t worry about the “goofs”!

  60. ginger says:

    My favorite holiday tradition is making gingerbread houses with the kids ..its always so much fun. My holiday tip is cook the bird In disposable roaster that can just be thrown away

  61. kim says:

    Our favorite holiday tradition is picking out the tree, bringing it home and decorating it. It is a lot of fun

  62. Betty Spry says:

    Bake when you have the time to enjoy it. We make gingerbread housed and personalize them

  63. Brandee H says:

    My baking tip is to buy extra eggs and butter!! I always run out!

  64. trisha mckee says:

    My favorite tradition is baking cookies on Christmas Eve as family and friends stop by. Everyone helps, everyone eats.

  65. Mel Borhi says:

    You can always substitute with honey instead of sugar and it won’t change the taste if the food your baking. And my favorite family tradition is having a nice meal as a family we eat turkey and all the fixings than do gift exchange

  66. Brittney House says:

    We get together as a family and play fun games against each other for little gifts.

  67. amy deeter says:

    driving around looking at christmas lights on christmas eve and we try to prep all the food we can the night before

  68. Vikki Billings says:

    Just getting together to decorate the tree and looking at all the lights in the neighborhood.

  69. Sand says:

    We love to bake different cookies from around the world.

  70. Susan Foster O'Bryant says:

    My favorite tradition is exchanging gifts with my hubby on Christmas Eve. <3 🙂 As for a holiday baking tip, I guess my best advice would be to only use recipes you've tried before. You wouldn't want to bake something that might turn out to be a flop if you're taking it to a holiday party!

    • Susan Foster O'Bryant says:

      Oh shoot, I see this is for Canadian residents only. Oh well! Good luck to my neighbors to the North! 🙂

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