Safe Driving Tips for Teen Drivers in the Winter

As I was deciding what categories an article about Teen Drivers would best fit, I had a brief moment of panic. Why? Because I realized that driving and learning to drive fit into the category of PARENTING! Some of you may be living this stage of your life already, but as you may know, I’m not quite there yet and it terrifies me! In a few short years, I will be coming back to this article for a reminder of how to keep teen drivers safe in the winter.

For those of you with younger children, you might still be at the stage of life where you are looking for travel savvy tips for when you are going on a road trip or travelling with your kiddos. As challenging as those moments may be, embrace them because next thing you know, you’ll be looking up articles on safe driving tips for teen drivers!

Learning to drive is often a mix of excitement, stress, overwhelm and freedom.

Learning to drive in the winter includes even more challenges.
Tips for Teen Drivers

Tips for Teen Drivers

The first step would be to get familiar with the location and function of the various buttons that appear both on the display and around the cockpit. If you are not certain of what a button or indicator means, look it up in the vehicle owner’s manual for an explanation.

Next, activate and test the emergency brake and the emergency hazard button activation/deactivation. Check for a spare tire (including the air pressure) and associated tools in case of an emergency. Adjust the mirrors to positions suitable for the driver. Keep a vehicle emergency kit in the trunk, in the case you get stranded.

Review the manufacturer recommended maintenance schedule for the vehicle to be aware and understand the requirement for the vehicle. It is a good idea to put a reminder in your calendar for the next expected service visit.

Tips for new drivers experiencing challenging weather, like rain, snow or fog.

It is important that drivers understand the concept of vehicle hydroplaning. Rain, tire condition and speed have an effect on your ability   to maintain control of the vehicle in wet conditions.

Drivers must be aware that reduced visibility requires reduced speed to be able to control stopping. In poor visibility conditions, a driver’s full attention is key, so eliminate any distractions. It’s also important to maintain an increased following distance. There are times when visibility is so poor it may be dangerous to proceed. You should find a safe parking area off the road until conditions improve.

Drivers must also stay alert to the fact that some fellow drivers do not reduce speed to adjust for poor weather conditions. It is safer to move aside and let them pass rather than trying to keep pace or have them follow too close behind you.

For foggy conditions, low beam and fog lights (if equipped) provide better visibility than high beams.

Ensure that weather-specific windshield washer fluid is topped up regularly. It is wise to keep an extra jug in the trunk when travelling long distances.

What things on a vehicle should ALL drivers remember to check regularly?

The most common items to check are:

  • windshield washer fluid level
  • wiper blade condition
  • a visual tire inspection
  • exterior lighting

If any fluid leaks are noted underneath your vehicle, determine the colour and have all fluids levels checked as soon as possible. If you have any dash warning lights or unusual sounds that appear, get them diagnosed to determine the underlying problem.

While these driving tips for teen drivers are extremely important for new drivers, seasoned drivers should also take note!

Do you have a driving tips to share?
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