Halloween Baking: It’s Time to Get Ready for Halloween!

Pumpkin Muffins

I love Halloween, but only the cute and fun aspects, not the horror and gore. I remember being terrified as a young child to visit certain houses at Halloween. To this day, I don’t love staring at the scary decorations. In my adulthood, I have embraced what I term the “fun part” of Halloween for ME and that is the pumpkins, black cats and creative costumes. Our neighbour across the street always brings over fun and delicious Halloween baking for the kids to enjoy. It has become part of our Halloween tradition. Do you have any Halloween traditions that you … Continue reading

Halloween Safety

Halloween Safety

Teaching children about Halloween Safety including tips like never trick-or-treat alone (get your free safety tip printable here) is extremely important. Children need to understand that when it is dark outside, there are additional safety hazards that present themselves. Many people light up their Jack-O-Lanterns with real candles. This has never sat right with me! When I was a Kindergarten teacher, I came up with the idea to light up our pumpkins with a battery-powered flashlight instead of a candle. This way, you don’t have to e concerned with children (you know, the little ones who aren’t watching where they … Continue reading

Helping Children Stay Calm


It’s Halloween Time! What does that mean? With Halloween comes excitement, fun and a lot of energy! Also, many children fill their bellies with all kinds of goodies and treats and in the end, they don’t feel all too well. So, you had better believe that when my children come home from school on Friday, I will be giving them a dose of Calm in order to keep their tummies happy and their moods a bit more calm-like. I don’t expect peace and quiet on Halloween, but in my experience, when my children get too excited and over-the-top, the next … Continue reading

Halloween FUN for Kids

Children get SO excited at Halloween! It is one of those holidays that the kids love to celebrate for the entire month of October! We do Halloween crafts, read Halloween books, go through our “tickle trunk” of costumes and, of course, watch Halloween movies and tv shows.   We like to have Halloween FUN in our house! This year, we have Netflix which allows us the opportunity for a large variety of shows and movies to watch. Here are some suggestions for the children in your household… 1. Scooby-Doo!: Mystery Incorporated 2. House of Anubis 3. Black Hole High 4. … Continue reading

Decorating for Halloween {Giveaway}

Happy Halloween

This past weekend, my children and I decorated for Halloween. I absolutely LOVE to decorate for Halloween. The kids get SO excited and the fun decorations bring such joy and excitement into our home. One of my favourite stores that make such fun and CUTE (because I’m not all about the scary side) decorations is Hallmark. Hallmark always has such a fun variety of decorations for every holiday. While the children and I LOVE decorating for Halloween, I know my husband starts to cringe a wee bit inside. Halloween brings EXTRA excitement and noise to our home, which sometimes…..well, watch … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ideas for Kids {Linky}

Pumpkin Memory Game

There is no denying it now, it is definitely Fall! During the fall, there are apples, leaves and pumpkins absolutely everywhere we look. Today, I would like to feature a few of my favourite pumpkin ideas for kids from crafts to fun food and even a game! Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to be just left for Halloween. Why not consider giving your child a pumpkin early and let their imagination go wild! Click on the image above for more kid friendly pumpkin decorating ideas. It is no secret, that I really do love to see fun food ideas! While we … Continue reading

Printable Halloween Mad Libs for Kids

Printable Halloween Mad Libs

My 7 year old daughter loves to create funny and creative stories using Mad Libs. This Halloween Mad Libs Printable activity makes a great activity for kids at home or on a car ride. These fill in the blank stories are a great quiet activity for “down time” as well as long car rides. Click on a Mad Lib to view the original source (Classroomjr.com) and to print.   Do you enjoy baking? While the kids are busy doing these Halloween Mad Libs, why not whip up a batch of Delicious Pumpkin Muffins?