Be Safe with the Use of the @ReactMobile App

The React Mobile app turns your iPhone or Android smartphone into a powerful and reliable security device and also allows users to report incidents and criminal activity while on the go.

Safety app
How the React Mobile App Works:

With the simple push of a button an SOS alert with your GPS coordinates is sent to select emergency contacts via SMS/text message, email and an alert can also be posted to Facebook and Twitter, for those people who really want to reach as many people as possible quickly.

React mobile Safety app

After finding himself in a dangerous situation during college, founder of React Mobile, Rob Monkman decided to create an app that was discreet and could quickly contact a wide network of people who can come to your rescue. Originally, this app was created for use on College campuses and thinking back to my experience at University, I would have LOVED to have an app that would provide me with the security and knowledge that if I had been in a bad situation, there would be an easy and discreet way to send out a message for help!

React Mobile has a premium “Follow-me” feature that allows users’ friends and family to track them in real-time whenever the need arises. Not only does the app allow the user to send out an SOS alert, but if they are going into a situation they are unsure about, they can contact their loved ones in order for them to track them as a precautionary measure. I would imagine that many parents would love to use this tool with their older children!

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  1. Victoria Ess says:

    That sounds like a really handy app for parents. Have you tried it out?

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