Make Sure You #DontSweatIt This Summer – Use Lady Speed Stick Instead {G!VEAWAY}

I might end up sharing a bit too much information with you in this post about Lady Speed Stick! I sweat! I sweat A LOT. I remember back in high school how embarrassed I used to be by my “wet pits”. I was always testing out new antiperspirant options, trying to find one that worked for me. One thing that I have learned about my body is that I need to “change it up” every once in a while as my body seems to get used to deodorant/antiperspirant. The opportunity to test out Lady Speed Stick couldn’t have come at … Continue reading

@FLOR Tiles in a Nursery!

“FLOR is an innovative system of carpet squares that you assemble to create custom rugs, runners, or wall-to-wall designs of any shape or size”. As stated on their website. It’s been an exciting year for our family – with the birth of our first child in September, followed by a recent move into our first house as a family of three (ok four if you count our dog which we usually do)! We were literally bursting at the seams in out little 750 square foot home without a basement! We had planned to last for 1-2 years in our little … Continue reading

Koala Kid REVIEW and {G!VEAWAY}

We enjoy family movie nights almost every Saturday night. We were all very excited to watch a new movie last Saturday together that has recently come out on DVD as of April 30th, 2013. First off, the voices by Rob Schneider, Norm MacDonald (a Canadian actor, yay!), Tim Curry and Alan Cumming were very well done. The accents of the animals were simply adorable and fun! As a parent, I always like to see movies that have a message on top of being entertaining. This movie certainly does have a positive message that is to accept the things about you … Continue reading

Making Your Own Baby Food with a Salton Masha is EASY Peasy! {REVIEW}

It has been about two months now since we started feeding solids to our LO and it’s been soooo much fun! I really like preparing most of the foods for her to eat myself as I know exactly what is going into them and she is enjoying the experience too! One of the first foods I made was sweet potato. I originally used the microwave but after doing some reading, learned that when you microwave veggies, they apparently lose some of their goodness (not sure if this is true…). I then boiled apples and sweet potato and then upon reading … Continue reading

Give an Elegant, Stylish and Functional Mother’s Day Gift from Parker Pens {G!VEAWAY}

Back in December, I shared with you the story about my special Parker Pen when I was a child. That special silver pen is a memory that I will carry with me always and now, I have a new Parker Pen which I am so excited about as I do miss my old pen. Somewhere along the way, it got misplaced for good, which makes me so sad because I know if I had it today, it would still be going strong! I received a Classic Metallic Pink Lacquer with a Satin Finish Parker IM Pen to review recently and … Continue reading

i Learn With Bo: Nutrition and Healthy Eating! APP for Kids!

This app for children aged 3-6 has been developed in order to help children become more active and aware of their own health and what better character to guide children through this app than Kids’ CBC star, “Bo on the Go”.When my daughter was 2.5 – 4, she LOVED watching the tv show Bo on the Go. I loved that it was one of the few television shows that actually got my daughter up and moving. Bo is such a lively, upbeat and great role model for young children and I am so excited to see her featured in an … Continue reading

Goo-Goo Baby Bibs {DISCOUNT}

Our little one has been eating solids for about a month now and as we introduce each new food, things are getting messier and messier! We started out using a regular bib but realized that this was not going to cut it! My cousin told me about goo goo baby and so I checked them out online. We have been using the Perfect Pocket Bib for several weeks now and are very impressed! I love how the bib is designed. It comes packaged flat and has two sets of snaps that are used to create the pocket. When feeding time … Continue reading

My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is the #1 show on Treehouse in Canada! {G!VEAWAY}

My daughter, who is now 8, still adores My Little Pony and frankly, I don’t blame her. We have recently rediscovered her bin of My Little Pony toys after watching the newly released DVD. My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic is the #1 show on Treehouse in Canada! My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic – Adventures in the Crystal Empire just recently came out on DVD in Canada on April 2nd. The DVD that both my son and daughter have been enjoying includes 5 episodes from the adorable tv series, and bonus features include a sing-along and colouring sheet. My … Continue reading

Keeping Those Little Legs Warm with @BabyLegs {REVIEW}

This review has been written by Alison, a new Mom. You can read about Alison in our About section here. Earlier this winter, I was looking for ways to keep my LO warm on our walks other than stuffing her (she’s almost 19 lbs) into her snow suit every time we went outside. I had seen baby legwarmers at several baby stores and baby shows and wondered if they would really make a difference so thought I’d try them out. When I did a search online, I came across BabyLegs and loved all of the cute designs and colours! I … Continue reading

FUN Birthday Loot Bags with @OliversLabels {REVIEW}

What’s a Party Without a Good Lootbag?Let Oliver’s Labels Help You!Multi-Testing Mommy is an Oliver’s Labels affiliateWe received the opportunity to create and order Oliver’s Labels Loot Bag Labels for my daughter’s 8th birthday party. Have you found that your child has brought home loot bag after loot bag that is filled with junk that gets used for a day or two and then ends up breaking or tossed aside? Oliver’s Labels has created a Loot Bag Package that allows you to personalize labels for each of your birthday party guests. I love how easy the process is to add … Continue reading