How to Protect Your Eyes During an Eclipse


I’ve been doing some reading on the upcoming solar eclipse on August 21, 2017. With that research, I have wanted to learn more about solar eclipse eye protection! I thought it might be fun to learn about eclipses with my kiddos, so off to google I went! I wasn’t long into my research when I realized I should learn exactly what time the solar eclipse will effect Toronto. You can visit that website and put in where you live to learn what time the solar eclipse will take effect in your area. You might want to do this even if … Continue reading

How to Make Learning Fun This Summer

Hot Wheels

During the summer, I always try to keep my boys learning. We focus on skills and work through some curriculum. However, I have to balance learning and fun, or I hear “Mom, you make summer boring”. I need to make learning fun this summer! While I will still be doing all of the curriculum and worksheets, there are many other ways to make learning fun this summer: Signing up for the Summer Reading Program through the Public Library. Each year they do a program that the kids get awards for the # of books they have read, and encourages them … Continue reading

14 Amazing FREE Alphabet Printables

Free ABC Printables

I have a healthy addiction to finding amazing FREE Alphabet Printables, as well as any other kid friendly printable that I can find. I particularly love preschool aged printables. It must be the former Kindergarten teacher in me. So, if you are on the hunt for a free printable in any subject or theme, feel free to contact me to find out if I have already done the searching as I am always happy to share! Perhaps one day I will share links to all of my findings right here on the blog! Until then, Kristen from and I have … Continue reading

How Can I Teach My Preschooler?

teach my preschooler

From the moment your child is born, you are their teacher. You teach them to talk, to walk, to use a potty, to wash their hands, to hang up their coat and put their shoes in their place. You teach them how to share, how interact with others, and even how to talk on the phone. Now that your toddler has become a preschooler – what are they learning? Letters. Shapes. Numbers. Reading. Writing. The focus has shifted to more academics, and for many people – that can be intimidating. But, don’t panic. You CAN teach your preschooler. You’ve already … Continue reading

Fun Learning Activities for Home and School

Fun Learning Activities for Home and School

I am a huge believer and fan in play-based learning. This type of learning doesn’t stop after Kindergarten either! I have witnessed the fantastic outcome it can have in later grades too. Hands-on, fun approaches to learning makes education more engaging and interesting, which ultimately increases attention spans and therefore retention of new information. Learning that involves children being active in a hands-on approach is key to the success of many students. One example of a tool that can be used in many hands-on activities is a Hot Wheels vehicle. Think of the science and math involved, not to mention … Continue reading

Water Beads – an AMAZING Activity for Children

Calming Jars with Water Beads Canada

What are Water Beads? Water Beads are colourfast, non-toxic, and environmentally friendly “beads” that are a super absorbent polymer with the capability to absorb 80 – 100 times their dry weigh in water. Water beads can be used as a clean soil alternative for growing plants, decreasing your water time to every 3 – 5 weeks. They can also be used for colour and texture in floral arrangements, and most importantly (in my world), they can be used for activities for children! Water beads are shipped in a dehydrated, bead-like state. You simply add water and watch them grow, which … Continue reading

Pumpkin Ideas for Kids {Linky}

Pumpkin Memory Game

There is no denying it now, it is definitely Fall! During the fall, there are apples, leaves and pumpkins absolutely everywhere we look. Today, I would like to feature a few of my favourite pumpkin ideas for kids from crafts to fun food and even a game! Pumpkin decorating doesn’t have to be just left for Halloween. Why not consider giving your child a pumpkin early and let their imagination go wild! Click on the image above for more kid friendly pumpkin decorating ideas. It is no secret, that I really do love to see fun food ideas! While we … Continue reading

NEW Kindergarten Parents Support Group

Kindergarten Parent Support Group

Having your child start school for the first time can be a very overwhelming experience for you and your child. Both parents and children have so many questions, many of which will not be answered until the first week of school. Because of the unknown, children can understandably become VERY anxious about their first day of school and if only you, as the parent had all of the answers, wouldn’t you feel a whole lot better?! Here in Ontario, our first day of school is the day after labour day, but I am aware that many other schools will be … Continue reading

Canada Day Activities for Kids ~ #ArtsyPlay {LINKY}

This week, we are sharing ideas for getting your children excited about Canada Day. We are also hoping that some of you may link up your educational ideas about teaching your children about our beautiful Country! If you plan on celebrating Canada Day with fireworks and sparklers, please teach your children about safety and here is a brilliant idea for keeping your children’s hands safe when using sparklers. Congratulations to our Top 3 posts from last week! If you missed them, check out these wonderful ideas. Last week’s Top 3 Clicked on Links were: July 4th Sensory Bin from The … Continue reading

Tips for Children Who Suffer from Test Anxiety {EQAO Survival Tips}

EQAO Survival Pack

If you or your child suffers from test anxiety, you are NOT alone! In Ontario, this time of year is rather stressful for children in grades 3 and 6 because they are required to write a provincial test called EQAO Test (Education Quality and Accountability Office) in both literacy and math. This is a test that is set out to “measure students’ cumulative knowledge and skills in relation to a provincial standard”. The test is given at the end of a student’s primary years and junior years at the elementary level and the results are used to compare schools and … Continue reading