Making Your Own Baby Food with a Salton Masha is EASY Peasy! {REVIEW}

It has been about two months now since we started feeding solids to our LO and it’s been soooo much fun! I really like preparing most of the foods for her to eat myself as I know exactly what is going into them and she is enjoying the experience too!

One of the first foods I made was sweet potato. I originally used the microwave but after doing some reading, learned that when you microwave veggies, they apparently lose some of their goodness (not sure if this is true…). I then boiled apples and sweet potato and then upon reading some more realized that roasting is the best way to keep all of the goodness in the food. So far I have only roasted apples and sweet potatoes and they turned out scrumptious.

While there are may tools that you can use to mash up fruits and veggies to serve your little one, I came across the Masha while reading a parenting magazine and was curious to give it a try. I liked how it boasted being able to make mashed baby food but also amazing mashed potatoes in 3 seconds! We love making mashed potatoes at our house so I was excited to put this tool to the test.

Masha - Multi-Testing Mommy

When I received the Masha, I was temporarily living at my parent’s place with our LO as our house was being sold so my mom (who is an amazing cook and quite particular about what she uses in her kitchen) had the chance to try out the Masha too!

Masha - Multi-Testing Mommy

The Masha is really easy to use and to clean and makes amazing mashed baby food! Just the right amount of mush and texture for our little one. My mom made mashed potatoes for dinner for the adults and was not only VERY impressed with the speed at which the potatoes were done but also the texture – they really turned out amazing!

I am excited to make my own gaucomole too! It is also supposed to be excellent for making pancake and waffle batter which we are big fans of!

If you have room for another kitchen gadget and do mashed potatoes a lot I would recommend this tool for sure!

Check out this video to see how well it works and how easy it is to clean!

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2 Responses to Making Your Own Baby Food with a Salton Masha is EASY Peasy! {REVIEW}

  1. Guppy says:

    Wow this is handy! I would use this to mash bananas for baking and blend cream soups in the pot!

  2. Both of my kids are older, but I sure do remember the challenges of trying to get just the “right” texture that might work for their individual palettes! This tool looks super handy.

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