My Skin & My Senses Have Been Spoiled with SoftSoap*! {G!VEAWAY} #Softsoapskinisin #BodyBliss

SoftSoap* Skin is In™! SoftSoap* has some irresistible fragrances and ultra-rich formulas that will be sure to transform your shower into an indulgent experience. So go ahead, give your skin the moisture it deserves! My body craves moisture! Despite the fact that it is spring, the dry, cold winter weather is not leaving us quite yet. My skin continues to feel the dryness in our house. This is why, I have enjoyed giving my skin the moisture that it deserves in the shower with Softsoap* Moisturizing and Enhancing Body Wash! Ok, ok, I have enjoyed having a wee bit more … Continue reading

Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations

I’m always on the look out for healthier alternatives for meals that are frozen but can be turned into fresh within minutes.These types of meals are great when I don’t have enough enough time to prepare a meal for myself or when I am out of healthy food options and am in desperate need to go grocery shopping and I am in need of a meal that has protein, vegetables, starch and of course, FLAVOUR! I’ve been introduced to Lean Cuisine Fresh Inspirations, a collection of Frozen Entreés. This time, instead of the food all being in one container, they … Continue reading

Qi’a Superfood from @NaturesPath

What is Qi’a? Qi’a (pronounced Kee-ah) is a NEW Superfood Cereal made with Chia, Hemp and Buckwheat from Nature’s Path. It is full of plant-based protein, fiber and Omega-3’s. Qi’a comes in three blends: vanilla-dusted cranberries and almonds a blend of cinnamon raisins and green apples an original blend with ZERO added sugar What Makes Qi’a Great? It is Certified gluten free It is Vegan There is NO added sugar or salt It is High in protein (6 grams per serving) It is Heart healthy It is Certified organic It is Non GMO Project Verified I made the Comfort Cornbread … Continue reading

Adorable Baby Clothing from @OM_home {REV!EW and G!VEAWAY}

This review has been written by Alison, a new Mom. You can read about Alison in our About section here. Our LO just had her 6 month appointment and was 18 lbs, 7oz!! She is in the 85th percentile for weight and 97th for height! Needless to say, she doesn’t typically fit into clothing that is marked for her age. The arms and legs are usually too short leaving her a little chilly. While I am always looking for stylish clothing for my LO, I try my best to be sensible and practical with my choices. I came across OM … Continue reading

NEW Kellogg’s Cereals & Snacks {G!VEAWAY}

I can’t even begin to explain to you just how excited my family gets when new Kellogg’s products arrive at the front door to sample! This time around, my favourite new product was the All-Bran Cranberries and Clusters. Secretly, I would tell you it was the MINI-WHEATS centres, raspberry flavoured, but I really try hard not to have what I call “treat cereal”, despite the fact that they are high in fibre! My children devoured the Nutrigrain Soft Bakes both the Blueberry Muffin and Banana Bread flavours were so yummy! The Cracker Chips continue to remain a favourite snack in … Continue reading

Cutting Down on Waste in a Tasty Way with @Sodastream_ca

I’ve been eyeing sodastream for quite some time now, wondering what the hype was all about! After trying one out for myself, I now understand! First of all, there is the environmental impact that thousands upon thousands of plastic drink bottles have on the environment. sodastream states that the average Canadian family will save over 2000 bottles with the use of their machines. I believe it! By using sodastream in our family, we are teaching our children the importance of re-using. I love the variety of drinks that you can make with a sodastream and they all start with plain … Continue reading

Ubbi Diaper Pail {Review}

This review has been written by Alison, a new Mom. You can read about Alison in our About section here. To set the scene, I must tell you that while my LO has what I think is a pretty cool nursery (it used to be our office) and it’s small (4’ x 7’), it’s tough keeping it looking tidy and a challenge to keep all of the items in the room functional yet stylish at the same time. This past fall while attending a baby show, my husband and I saw a display of Ubbi Diaper Pails. We were immediately … Continue reading

@ChewBeads ~ Non-Toxic Jewellery for Moms with Babies {REVIEW}

This Guest Review has been written by Alison, a new Mom. You can read about Alison in our About section here. My little one is in her fifth month now and has sprouted TWO teeth already!!! I’m lead to believe this is a little early. For a while now (even before I noticed her teeth coming in), she has been putting EVERYTHING into her little mouth. I am always looking for items for my LO and for myself that help us to look stylish while being functional. A friend told me about Chewbeads™ and I decided to check them out … Continue reading

No More Chaffed Skin with ChafeStop™ from @ILoveLoveys

UPDATE:Recently, ChafeGuard™ had a name change to ChafeStop™! It can be found on,,, and With the dry, cold weather in the winter, our skin can become extra dry, itchy and uncomfortable. I was surprised to notice that one day a few weeks ago, my son’s inner thighs were completely chaffed. They looked so red, raw and painful and it developed literally during one school day. My heart hurt for the discomfort that he was experiencing. We started to treat it with various bath soaks, lotions and creams, including diaper cream, but nothing was fully working. … Continue reading

Staying Healthy with #Kelloggs “My Special K” {G!VEAWAY}

Many of us struggle with staying healthy. We struggle with eating right, with getting enough sleep and with being fit. Did you know that Special K has a new My Special K website that helps you to set your goals, make a plan and to put it into action! This website has personalized plans designed to align with your lifestyle goals. It is a motivating resource that helps you feel your best and keep weight management efforts in check. The online program offers personalized meal and fitness plans for every goal, information on food, fitness, fashion and beauty and personalized … Continue reading