Goo-Goo Baby Bibs {DISCOUNT}

Our little one has been eating solids for about a month now and as we introduce each new food, things are getting messier and messier!

We started out using a regular bib but realized that this was not going to cut it! My cousin told me about goo goo baby and so I checked them out online.

Goo-Goo Baby

We have been using the Perfect Pocket Bib for several weeks now and are very impressed! I love how the bib is designed. It comes packaged flat and has two sets of snaps that are used to create the pocket. When feeding time is over, I just unsnap the snaps and the bib lies flat again which makes it incredibly easy to wipe down. If the pocket stayed as a pocket, it would be more difficult to clean the mess that it caught!!!

Most of the time, I simply wipe it down with a warm, damp cloth or a bit of vinegar and hang it until the next feeding. I did however follow the instructions for washing the other day and again was very impressed! I hand washed it in warm, soapy water and was sure not to wring it out as it stated on the tag and was skeptical as to whether or not it would dry by morning – but it did! It was ready to go for breakfast.

The Perfect Pocket Bib is not only easy to use and clean, but it folds up nicely into our bag when we take food on the go! I also really like how it is free of harmful chemicals!

We have also tried the Miracle Milk Bib as an everyday wear type of bib and really like its thickness and absorbency. It’s great to use during breastfeeding and to catch all of the teething drool.

Be sure to check out goo goo Baby online to see their products – I think we will try their Perfect Pocket Smock next!

Email to receive 10% off for purchases over $40 and 20% off for purchases over $80!

Goo-Goo Baby Website

This review has been written by Alison, a new Mom. You can read about Alison in our About section here.

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5 Responses to Goo-Goo Baby Bibs {DISCOUNT}

  1. Guppy says:

    Beautiful patterns on these bibs. I like that much better than the typical baby graphics.

  2. Oh my daughter needs one of these! It would be perfect for catching spaghetti sauce (my arch nemesis!).

  3. These are the cutest most stylish bibs I’ve ever seen! If I were a baby, I’d totally rock that.

  4. Hi Multi-Testing Mommy!

    I’m Rea, the owner and designer for Goo-Goo Baby. Thank you for the terrific review! I designed these products for my son back when I was employed as an architect.

    I’d like to offer your customers a discount on web orders so they can try our functional products for less. Please email me and I’ll get it set up for you. Best wishes!

  5. Victoria S says:

    These look great! I love that it’s so easy and quick to clean.

    Victoria Ess

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