FUN Birthday Loot Bags with @OliversLabels {REVIEW}

What’s a Party Without a Good Lootbag?

Let Oliver’s Labels Help You!
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We received the opportunity to create and order Oliver’s Labels Loot Bag Labels for my daughter’s 8th birthday party.

Have you found that your child has brought home loot bag after loot bag that is filled with junk that gets used for a day or two and then ends up breaking or tossed aside?

Oliver’s Labels has created a Loot Bag Package that allows you to personalize labels for each of your birthday party guests.

I love how easy the process is to add each child’s name and choose a unique design, font type, and colour. The labels are Oliver’s Labels top quality, waterproof and colourful labels.

There is a colour/design for everyone!

It is wonderful that there is a variety of designs, fonts and colours to choose from. Every child is unique and so are their likes/dislikes. I think my daughter did such an excellent job of thinking about each of her guests and choosing which label they would like best.

It was a fun process!

Oliver’s Labels Loot Bags Contain:
5 x Original Labels
5 x Mini Labels
2 x Shoe Labels
1 x Mini Bag Tag

13 labels and tags for $ 4.99
Minimum order of 6 Loot Bags required.

Order Your Loot Bag Package for your child’s birthday party NOW!

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12 Responses to FUN Birthday Loot Bags with @OliversLabels {REVIEW}

  1. Ava Mifflin says:

    what a great idea never thought of these. ty my son b-day is coming up i may go with these 🙂

  2. MrDisco says:

    that’s a cool loot bag

  3. Alessandrina says:

    This is a cool idea. Something useful and personalised in the loot bag.

  4. That is a great idea for loot bags as i never know what to put in them anymore!

  5. Ms. Key says:

    Wow! I love that idea! It’s so useful, and plus it would be so cool if there are any kids with some of the more unique names these days who don’t always find products in the store with their own name printed on it! It would really make them feel special to have such personalized labels!

  6. With the usual party bag loot, I institute the one-day-only rule. The kids play with the stuff for the rest of the day and then it disappears (into the trash). This sounds a lot more mean than it is. What’s mean is keeping piles of broken, crappy party favors in piles around the house.

  7. Victoria S says:

    Those would be so good to have for school!

    Victoria Ess

  8. Awesome idea! Makes it extra special.

  9. Annie1 says:

    What a really good idea for a goody bag!


    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

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