Tips for Supporting Your Children

Tips for Supporting your children

Growing up isn’t easy. Young people today face a number of pressures to succeed, compete, and conform. School, extra-curricular activities, and family can all impact a young person’s mental health and sense of well-being if goals, expectations, and problems start to seem too big. Every young person, regardless of the neighbourhood they live in, the friends they have, the family they come from, or the school they go to will experience challenges and uncertainties as they grow. We can all benefit from having supportive people in our lives, but asking for help isn’t always easy. There are a number of … Continue reading

Get Helpful Beauty Tips and Tricks from @ShopprsDrugmart #30DaysofBeauty

side braid hair style

I have a confession! When it comes to hair and makeup looks, I can honestly use all the help I can get and this month, I will be heading to Shoppers Drug Mart for some guidance, tips and suggestions! Last year, I visited my neighbourhood Shoppers Drug Mart store a few times during the 30 Days of Beauty Event and I received some helpful beauty tips and tricks! This year, I look forward to learning even more. What YOU Need to Know About the 30 Days of Beauty Event: *From now until September 14, 2014* This is the 4th Annual … Continue reading

Get #FREE Admission to Our Kids Private School EXPOS

If you are considering sending your child to Private School, this information is for you! Private school definitely is not for everyone, but for those of you who are considering it OR who would like more information, the Private School EXPOS is the place to go to learn more! Our Kids is pleased to offer you VIP admission passes for a family of 4 to the upcoming Our Kids Private School Expos. By attending these EXPOS, you will have the opportunity to speak with school staff and education experts one-on-one, all in one day, to get answers to all of … Continue reading

Join Me this Saturday at #CampForKeeps With Your Family in #Toronto!

As a child, I spent some time at Sick Kids and they helped me.As a parent, I’ve spent some time at Sick Kids and they helped my daughter. Now it’s my turn to help them! They have the coolest event ever, an amazing and fun way to raise money for Sick Kids Hopsital! How Happy Do These People Look?! You and your family could have this much fun this coming Saturday, June 1st, 2013! From 8:30 – 2:00, you and your family can join me at the Balmy Beach Club in Toronto to have a great time together. This is … Continue reading

Boost Your Baby Making Chances w/ #ClearblueConfirmed – Experts Tell All & Tweet Chat

As I read Nicole’s post about having difficulty conceiving baby #3 today, my heart truly went out to her! When I was younger (e.g. in my late teens/early-mid 20’s), I dreamt about having children. My “plan” or rather my “dream” at the time was to have plenty of kids by the time I was 25. That plan didn’t work out as planned, but in the end, that is ok! I got married at 27 years of age, in July of 2003. In June of 2004, we successfully conceived my daughter after only 1 month of trying. At the time, a … Continue reading

Caring for an Aging Parent? Here are Helpful Tips for Tax Time from @HRBlockCanada {G!VEAWAY}

Elderly Woman by Peter Griffin The number is large and continues to grow: according to Statistics Canada, approximately 2.7 million Canadians provide unpaid care for people 65 or older. Today more than ever, many Canadians are caring for both elderly parents and their own children. Known as the “sandwich generation,” people in this situation can find it difficult to manage the often-conflicting demands of raising children and caring for aging parents or other relatives. Fortunately, there may be a little relief this tax season. Starting on the 2012 tax return, the Family Caregiver Amount will provide an additional amount up … Continue reading

Are You a Single Parent? There is Help for You During Tax Time! via @HRBlockCanada {G!VEAWAY}

Father And Daughter by Vera Kratochvil Parenting – rewarding, fulfilling, challenging, exhausting and expensive. And for single parents, it can be all of those and then some. Fortunately, there are tax benefits, specifically for single parents that may help with your 2012 tax return. Cleo Hamel, senior tax analyst with H&R Block, provides the following tips for those Canadians raising children on their own: Child Tax Amount: In primary custody situations, you are the only parent allowed to claim the child tax amount. For joint custody, then you have to agree which parent will claim this credit. If you can’t … Continue reading

Want to Read the Latest on Multi-Testing Mommy?

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Have you heard of the @Motorola_ca Defy™ Pro Smartphone

This phone has been labelled as rugged – something that a phone owned by a Mom needs to be, yet it looks sleek and sexy as far as this Mom is concerned! It is water, dust, and scratch resistant and has a high capacity battery so even the fully social media addicted Mom can carry on with her high tech day without worrying about losing her charge. I learned something new when researching this phone. It has a QWERTY keyboard. I knew that meant it had the keyboard that is laid out like a traditional keyboard, but I wondered why … Continue reading