Teaching Nutrition to my Daughter #WorldWithoutDieting #Giveaway

When I was in elementary school, I would say that I was considered to be an average to slightly above average weight for my height, but I always felt bigger. I wasn’t thin, I wasn’t large, I was just….me and somewhere in between.

When I entered high school, my social life went from being practically nothing to an overwhelming high. That combined with hormones and changes in my life led me to become even more self conscious about my weight. I remember peer pressure playing a huge role and I also remember feeling an internal pressure to be thin. This was an unhealthy way of living and an unhealthy mindset, but luckily the severity of those thoughts didn’t last too long.

Understanding my past means that you can appreciate that my weight has been something that I have not only physically struggled with, but I have been faced with a rather large emotional struggle with it as well.

From day one of being a Mother to a girl, I was bound and determined for her to know how much I loved her, that she could tell me anything and that I thought she was beautiful. I wanted her to know that she is important and special and it is also VERY important to me that I teach my daughter that beauty comes from within! I knew that no matter what body type she had, I would support her and encourage her to take care of herself the way that she deserved.

A recent survey commissioned by Multi-Grain Cheerios examining young women ages 10-17 revealed some compelling statistics:

  • 3 in 5 women have been on a diet
  • 52% of girls get their information about dieting and nutrition from family members
  • 1 in 5 girls under 18 is currently dieting

Recently, I have taken a new and improved outlook on life when it comes to my nutrition and physical well being. I have tried to teach my children about nutrition, including what is healthy and what is not (to the best of my knowledge). I have taught them how to read nutrition labels and they know what to watch out for when choosing food. My son is still learning as he is only 5, but my 8 (almost 9) year old daughter knows all about calories, fat, sugar, preservatives etc. and how to make good choices for her body.

I don’t believe in dieting, I never have. I believe that in order to make a permanent change in your health and your body that you need to commit to a lifestyle.

Diets work to lose weight, but what happens when you stop the diet?

I believe that a lifestyle change to eat the best that you can all of the time is the key to a healthy life.

I don’t want my daughter to ever think that going on a diet is a good idea and I want to be the first person to teach her this.

Today, I promise to never use the word “dieting” ever again!

I make this promise for my daughter and her well being as well as my own.

Multi-Grain Cheerios has launched “Generation Healthy”, a program aimed at encouraging women to recognize their self-worth and to become part of the solution as a role model living a healthy, balanced lifestyle.

Will you join me in taking the “Never Say Dieting Oath” at WorldWithoutDieting.ca?

Here is a video of me taking the oath:

Here is my Oath on Twitter:

I took the Never Say Dieting Oath. Let’s make the next generation healthy. Multi-Grain Cheerios #WorldWithoutDieting https://t.co/C6sZs7wdIi

— Multi-Testing Mommy (@MultiTestingMom) February 10, 2014

Take the NEVER SAY DIETING OATH and together we’ll make the next generation healthy – mind, body, and spirit.


Prize: $100 Loblaws Gift Card
Open to: Canadian Residents (must be age of majority in place of residence)
Giveaway Ends: March 10, 2014 11:59pm

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  1. Brandee H says:

    The Ketchup ones look yummy. And the cheese!!

  2. Glogirl3 says:

    I’d like to try the nacho cheese flavour.

  3. annet says:

    My favourite are the Original

    RAFFLECOPTER NAME is Anne Taylor

  4. lp says:

    original would be great. thanks!

  5. Rebby Roberts says:

    Nacho cheese!!

  6. Carolyn says:

    I would love to win healthy snacks!

  7. Suzi says:

    Barbeque (though sour cream and onion are good too!)

  8. Yuen Ch says:

    Cheddar is yummy!

  9. Annette says:

    Sea salt and vinegar! I love them in chip form so I am sure I will love them as Pop Chips!!

  10. Carole B. says:

    Sour cream and onion!

  11. Susanne Smith McCarthy says:

    I like plain so I would like to try the Crispy Original!

  12. Crystal Englot says:

    I took the oath for my son Colton (it is a picture oath!) https://www.worldwithoutdieting.ca/Gallery?name=Crystal

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