Bathroom Routine Help from @TodaysParent {#Giveaway} #PGMom

Potty training can provide parents with a great deal of stress! Questions that often get asked: When is my child ready? How long will it take? What products are out there to help my child potty train? My daughter trained herself before she turned two! One day, she just decided she was done with wearing diapers and we never turned back. Within a very short time, she was fully trained both night and day. It was a breeze and stress free. My son, on the other hand, has had a much different experience and still isn’t trained at night at … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Tips for Staying Dry At Night

Our Potty Training History with my son can be read here:Finally Diaper Free Post #1Finally Diaper Free Post #2Finally Diaper Free Post #3Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year!Potty Training UpdateFinally Diaper Free RoundUp We have covered all of the apparel and accessories that Super Undies carry in order to make Nighttime Training go more smoothly in previous Wet Wednesdays posts. Today, we will share some tips and advice for things that you can do to gear up for success at nighttime training. Limit LiquidsIt is important to stay on top of the quantity of liquids your little one is consuming throughout … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Potty Training Accessories for Night Time Training

Our Potty Training History with my son can be read here: Finally Diaper Free Post #1 Finally Diaper Free Post #2 Finally Diaper Free Post #3 Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year! Potty Training Update Finally Diaper Free RoundUp Last week, we talked about how Super Undies have helped our night time wetting situation. This week, I would like to share with you some products and tips that can help keep a child’s bed dry at night. Super Undies sell Mattress Toppers and Waterproof Sheets! The Mattress Toppers have a built in full layer of microfiber for absorption, a soft Coolmax … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Trying to Stay Dry at Night with @SuperUndies

Our Potty Training History with my son can be read here:Finally Diaper Free Post #1Finally Diaper Free Post #2Finally Diaper Free Post #3Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year!Potty Training UpdateFinally Diaper Free RoundUp My son is 4 years old. He has been day time potty trained for just over a year now, however, he continues to be VERY wet at night time. This wouldn’t be an issue, as I know that many children take longer to train at night, however, it is affecting his sleep because he wakes up due to leakage and how much wetness he is producing. This fall, … Continue reading

Wet Wednesdays: Nighttime Potty Training

Do you have a nighttime bedwetter? Are you spending a ton of money on disposable night time diapers? Possibly, you are in the same situation as we were where the nighttime diapers that you are using aren’t working! We have some solutions to share with you. We will be sharing some Wet Wednesdays posts with you over the next few weeks. Wet Wednesdays will share tips for helping your nighttime bedwetter as well as ideas to make your current situation easier for you! We would love to hear your suggestions and solutions to nighttime bedwetting too, so please let us … Continue reading

Mommy’s Christmas Present This Year!

Can you guess what it is?! It came two weeks early….no I’m not pregnant, although my ovaries are hurting after seeing and hearing about all of those adorable babies that all of you have had this year and it being their first Christmas and all! Give up? My son is potty trained! He did it. All by himself. It was time. He was ready. If you want to read more about our potty training adventures, feel free! So after taking a 2 month break and going back into diapers, one day two weeks ago, he woke up and asked to … Continue reading

A #PottyTraining Update

I am just SO excited right now, I want to share this with the world! My three year old son, you know – the one who we tried to potty train for a whole month – just went #2 on the potty! This afternoon out of nowhere, right before nap of all things, he asked to wear underpants. I told him that he could but he had to go pee on the potty first. So he did. Then when he woke up from nap, he called me saying he had to go pee again. He did it again. Then about … Continue reading

The Little Looster Potty Stool

This stool was featured during our Potty Training Event this fall.Finally Diaper Free was an event all about Potty Training co-hosted by The Knit Wit. The Little Looster potty stool is such a great invention! Little Looster Potty Training Stool makes going on the Potty SO much easier! I am LOVING our Little Looster potty stool! I love how it follows the curve our our toilet allowing for comfortable foot position and making it less likely that a child will fall off of the stool. I love how it has a place on either side of it to put your … Continue reading

Beco Potty – Environmentally Friendly and Biodegradable (REVIEW)

Finally – an environmentally friendly potty for potty training kids! The BecoPotty. Beco Potty – the Environmentally Friendly Potty These amazing potties are made from waste plant material and once placed in the ground will begin biodegrading! What a genius invention! We use little potties for such a short period of time – I feel so good about what this potty is made of and how you can plant it in your garden! What a great ceremony to celebrate the “end” of the potty training period in one’s life – plant your potty in the garden! The BecoPotty has a … Continue reading

Finally Diaper Free Giveaway Winners!

Our Finally Diaper Free Potty Training Event has come to an end. Our Potty Training adventures will continue and so will our stories! Thank you to all who were a part of the great event – for sharing stories, tips, asking questions and entering giveaways! And the Winners Are….Beco Potty (Winner: Tiffany U.)Little Looster Potty Stool (Winner: Amy M.)No Cry Potty Training Solution by Elizabeth Pantly (Winner: Diana O.)Norwex Cleaning Products from @MandyNorwex (Winner: Olivia L.)Super Undies (Winner: Chris F.) If you missed the event OR if you would like to go back and read our stories, tips and more, … Continue reading