Help Kids Through Books: Wilma Jean the Worry Machine by @JuliaCookOnline

As a former Kindergarten teacher and childrens’ literacy advocate, I am a true believer that books can influence and help children! Childrens’ books can be entertaining and educational but they can also be helpful.

Not only is the content of a book important, but when a parent and child sit down together to share a book, some magical things can happen! Bonds can grow stronger through literature and teachable moments can occur rather easily. Books can help guide parents to assist their children when they are struggling with a specific problem.

Today, the problem that I would like to focus on is worry.

Is your child a worrier?
Do they tend to over think things?
Do they lose sleep because they cannot turn off their brain?
Does their worrying stop them from doing things that they would enjoy doing?

I have two worriers in my house. Ok, I’ll be honest with you…I’m a worrier too, so that makes three! I believe that I was born that way and sometimes I wonder if it is genetic!

There are many tips and tricks to help children who are worriers, but first, please let me suggest that if you answered yes to one or more of the questions above, you may consider talking to your family doctor in order to get some additional support for your child.

I have taught my children to stop and take a few long, deep breaths when they feel their brains or their bodies start to worry. We have talked about what worrying feels like so they can try to gain control before their worries spin out of control.

I have also taught my children to close their eyes and go to their happy place when their worries start to take over their brain. Their happy place is a place where they are in control of everything including their surroundings, the people, the activities, the smells, the sounds and the way things feel. It is a positive and happy place all of the time. It is their safe place. My daughter has taken to going to her happy place as she falls asleep at night on many nights, especially when her brain won’t stop.

One book that can help children with their worries is this one:

Children who are worriers will have no problem relating to Wilma Jean, the character in this book. Wilma Jean walks you through a typical day in her life. She shares exactly how she feels both mentally and physically.

Wilma is similar to my daughter in that she creates so many What If… scenarios that each one begins to spill into the next.

This book shares a couple of very basic, yet extremely effective ways to help children with their worries.

The book itself is written in a comical way in order to keep the subject lighter and the illustrations are quite funny too.

The goal of this book is to provide children with the tools needed to feel more in control of their anxiety. I believe that the tools shared in this book are key to being in control!

What do you or your children worry about?

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  1. Sarah Alexis says:

    I feel as though kids worry way too much these days. anxiety is becoming a real problem!

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