DIY Lipbalm Giveaway

DIY Lip Balm

Sponsored by Kiss Naturals Hosted by : Mom Powered Media Kiss Naturals, produces fun, one-of-a-kind craft kits using only high quality natural ingredients. These kits make everyday products you can enjoy at an affordable price. At Kiss Naturals, we believe that Nature had it right the first time. They don’t add fillers, additives, dyes or synthetics to any of Theirr products. They want to provide their customers with all the natural ingredients needed to make everyday products at an affordable price. Kiss Naturals personally test all their products on their family so they know the products are safe and effective … Continue reading

Define Bottle Giveaway

Drinking the proper amount of water each day has become a HUGE focus in health news lately. I enjoy drinking water plain, but it is an added treat if the water is flavoured. For some people, flavouring the water is the only way they will drink a good amount on a daily basis. The Define Bottle definitely sounds like the perfect solution for delicious tasting water. You simply add fruits etc. that will infuse your water and the Define Bottle takes care of the rest by straining the water before you drink. Sound interesting? Enter to WIN a Define Bottle … Continue reading

2015 Hyundai Genesis {Giveaway – no it’s NOT a vehicle, sorry}

Hyundai Genesis 2015

Last week, when the kids weren’t taking the big, yellow school limosine to school, they had the opportunity to be chauffeured around in a luxury sedan, the 2015 Hyundai Genesis. What a beautiful ride it was! To start off with, it was my favourite colour, blue. And it wasn’t a subtle blue either, it was a nice, bright blue that made me smile every time I looked at it. I’m not joking! Blue makes me smile, ok?! This car is a large car with quite a bit of space. The kids had MORE than enough leg room in the back, … Continue reading

Emergency Alert Me Bands from @CanadaSpd {Giveaway}

Alert Me Band Giveaway

Do you answer YES to any of the following questions: Does your child worry? Does your child have any form of anxiety? Do you have a child under that age of 6? Does your child panic easily? Is your child prone to wandering from a group or caregivers? Does your child have difficult communicating? If you did answer YES to any of the questions above, then I highly recommend that you purchase one of these Emergency Alert Me Bands for them! Each band has a place for the following information: Medical Information or “Alert Me In case of EMERGENCY” (e.g. … Continue reading

Back to School Snacks Prize Pack from @EnviroKidz {Giveaway} #EnviroTripz

EnviroKidz Back to School Snacks Giveaway - prize graphic

Yes, I’m talking about Back to School….AGAIN! This time, it is all about Back to School Snacks! Parents of school aged children are all thinking about it as it is that time of year. Routines will be changing and there are many new (and old) products that we must stock up on. Tasty and healthy snacks are something that I am never without! My son is almost always hungry so I always have a portable snack packed in my purse. Enviro Kidz by Nature’s Path has a variety of cereals and bars made with children in mind. EnviroKidz Crispy Rice … Continue reading

Moms Get Organized for Back to School {Giveaway} #countdownBTS

Back to School Hilroy

Not only do we have to get our children ready for back to school, but there are certain things that we as Moms need to do to get ready for the upcoming school year too! Back to School Supplies featured in the image above: Motherword Magnetic Calendar Five Star Boomerang Binder Perfect for your Purse Graphic Notebook Enviro Recycled Notebook Magazine Box Five Star Storage Pocket & Dry Erase (magnetic for locker) Five Star Tri-Pocket (magnetic for lockers) Small Supply Pouch ACCO Brands include Hilroy and many other popular school supply brands. Everything from calendars to binders to paper and … Continue reading

Summer Hair Giveaway to Tame those “Oh No” Hair Moments #GoodbyeFlyaways #InASnap #PGMom

Oh No Hair Giveaway

Have you ever been in a situation where you are all dressed up and ready to go out when you look down and realize that you forgot to shave your legs? Have you ever had a day when your hair just won’t cooperate no matter what you do? Be honest with me now. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of us answered YES to both of those questions!  I definitely answered yes and I’ll even make a confession.  When I shave my legs, I often shave them so quickly that it is almost typical that I skip more than a … Continue reading

Healthy Snacking Options from @GHCretors {Giveaway}


I’m a snacker. I cannot get by on 3 meals a day, I need to consume smaller meals multiple times throughout the day. I’m always on the hunt for healthier snack options. I’ve always been a fan of popcorn and I was really excited when I learned of their healthy snacking line. This new organic line from GH Cretors uses only organic non-GMO popcorn, 100% organic oils, and pure sea salt. I have been enjoying the samples of this popcorn that was sent to me. It tastes just as fresh as the popcorn that I make with our air popper, … Continue reading

Have you Visited a Parks Canada Park This Summer? {#Giveaway} #TrySomethingFresh

Parks Canada Giveaway

Have you ever visited one of Parks Canada Parks? There are many parks across Canada to discover! My family are definitely not campers, although I would like to TRY “Glamping” to see if I could convince my hubby to embrace the outdoors. I grew up cottaging as a child. Every summer, we would spend our vacation up North. We were very fortunate to have a gorgeous park near our cottage and I learned to appreciate very quickly everything that parks have to offer! You could WIN an exciting 3 day, 2 night Parks Canada Family Adventure (worth over $5000) by … Continue reading

It’s a Sizzling Summer Cash Giveaway

Summer Cash Giveaway Image

I don’t know about you and your family, but we spend more money during the summer months than we do the rest of the year. Whether it is on special treats for the kids, summer camp or family vacations, we seem to need extra money compared to the rest of the year (Christmas aside, of course). This year, our family isn’t doing a typical vacation because we have had some major expenses with our house and purchasing a new vehicle. I know if I were to win some money, I would likely put it towards a day trip or two … Continue reading