Summer Hair Giveaway to Tame those “Oh No” Hair Moments #GoodbyeFlyaways #InASnap #PGMom

Have you ever been in a situation where you are all dressed up and ready to go out when you look down and realize that you forgot to shave your legs?

Have you ever had a day when your hair just won’t cooperate no matter what you do?

Be honest with me now. It wouldn’t surprise me if all of us answered YES to both of those questions!  I definitely answered yes and I’ll even make a confession.  When I shave my legs, I often shave them so quickly that it is almost typical that I skip more than a few hairs.  I really don’t like the way it feels when I do skip hairs, do you?

Oh No Hair Giveaway

If you think you’re going to have a bad hair day, I recommend you try out Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Enhancer Spray ($4.99*) and Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Crème Pomade ($4.99*). The 7-in-1 wave enhancer spray allows for maximum styling so you can achieve that tousled, beach hair look with ease! This is a look that I have ALWAYS wanted to achieve. After a quick spray, just apply the crème pomade for genius curl control, leaving hair soft, touchable and beautifully defined for up to 24 hours.

And for those lovely legs, we all want a fast and easy way to achieve that silky, smooth touch right? There is nothing worse than shaving and then feeling the breeze on your legs because you missed a hair or two! I recommend you trying out the Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace ($15.99*) that will ensure you never have to worry about that dreaded patch of hair again by giving you smooth, beautiful skin, no matter where you are.

The Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace is the first mini razor of its kind in Canada. It comes ready to travel with a convenient, portable compact case and a Venus Embrace blade cartridge. The easy-to-grip mini handle fits into any Venus blade cartridge, allowing you to choose your perfect match blades or switch it up with something seasonal such as Gillette Venus Spa Breeze cartridges with scented shaving gel bars. Throw it in your purse or gym bag, and don’t forget to pack it in your suitcase for family vacations.

This razor is PERFECT for travel or to throw in your gym bag because it doesn’t require shaving cream! A quick splash of water and you’re ready to go.

Prize: A P&G Summer Hair Survival Giveaway Kit is valued at $45* that includes:
Gillette Venus Snap with Embrace – $13.99*Venus – Snap – Compact in Case
Gillette Venus Spa Breeze cartridges – $21.99*
Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Enhancer Spray – $4.99*
Vidal Sassoon Pro Series Waves Crème Pomade – $4.99*
Open to: Canada only
Giveaway Ends: August 27, 2014 11:59pm EST

*Pricing at the discretion of the retailer.
Disclosure: I am a P&Gmom/mamanP&G. As part of my affiliation with this group I receive products and special access to P&G events and opportunities. The opinions on this blog are my own. By entering the following contest you are accepting that if you win your contact information will be shared with a P&G PR and shipping agency for the purpose of mailing your prize. Please allow 4-6 weeks from the contest closure date to receive your prize.

This giveaway may appear on other blogs as part of the #PGmom/#mamanPG program. However, to be fair, you can only win once per giveaway. If your name is chosen more than once, another winner will be selected. All winners must be from within Canada.

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161 Responses to Summer Hair Giveaway to Tame those “Oh No” Hair Moments #GoodbyeFlyaways #InASnap #PGMom

  1. suzquiz says:

    the frizzies hate them

  2. stacey dempsey says:

    My biggest pet peeve is that when it gets humid my hair poofs out and gets frizzie and it drives me nuts

  3. Amy says:

    I don’t like that it gets frizzy

  4. Lygophilia says:

    My biggest pet peeve for my hair during the summer is the humidity. It makes my hair frizzy and any curls droop within an hour.

  5. Juliee Fitze says:

    My hair gets really oily in the summer.

  6. Jennifer Alger Morse says:

    The humidity wreaks havoc on my naturally wavy/frizzy hair!

  7. fossie55 says:

    My hair get frizzy with the humid weather.
    Florence C

  8. JenniferH says:

    frizzy hair when it gets humid

  9. kristen visser says:

    my hair getting really frizzy and becomes a puff ball!

  10. Aarone M. says:

    my biggest pet peeve is when my bangs get greasy

  11. Danielle says:

    Frizz is my biggest pet peeve in the summer

  12. Judy Cowan says:

    Lack of volume when it is humid

  13. ToCo says:

    So long and thick! A slick pony is always the way to go to keep me cool!

  14. Taylor Hawkins says:

    Crazy frizziness!

  15. Dayna Wilson says:

    It gets dull and dry from the pool and sun.

  16. J_numbers says:

    Out of control hair that can’t hide under a hat.

  17. WisteriaGirl says:

    My hair is so thick and it makes me hot…it is in a ponytail all summer.

  18. Tanis Sergeew says:


  19. Darlene Schuller says:

    humidity makes it very very scary indeed.

  20. Lynda Cook says:

    My biggest peeve is when I am not going anywhere, just staying home, and my hair looks awesome! but as soon as I have an app. or going to town or whatever, my hair looks like crap and I can’t do a thing with it…grrrr

  21. Julie G. says:

    Sometimes it gets frizzy because of the humidity.

  22. lori b says:

    frizz 🙁

  23. dewinner says:

    It gets dry!

  24. kathy downey says:


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  26. Josie says:

    I have frizz issues

  27. Wendy Hutton says:

    any humidity and its flat

  28. Victoria Ess says:

    I hate that the heat makes it flat.

  29. Elva Roberts says:

    My biggest pet peeve with my hair in the summer is that the humidiity takes all the body out of my hair, leaving it lying flat about 30 minutes after I curl it.

  30. Glogirl3 says:

    My frizzy hair!

  31. ShariD says:

    My hair get a little frizzy in the summer.

  32. HS says:

    Fizzy and the heat makes it worse.

  33. Cassie F says:

    I have extremely thick hair and in the summer when its humid it get very frizzy/poofy, i hate it!!!

  34. Kate Hearn says:

    Fly away hair that gets all frizzy and tangled when it’s humid out

  35. Yuen Ch says:

    Hair not staying straight

  36. jonnieh says:

    The frizzies from the humidity drive me wild!

  37. DARLENE W says:

    Sounds like everybody has frizzy hair, just like me

  38. Megan says:

    My hair is super FRIZZY!!! It is just worse when the humidity gets going!

  39. ivy pluchinsky says:

    frizzy hair!

  40. Jennifer P. says:

    I actually like my hair best in the summer, except for the extra frizzies I get from being dry.

  41. Brenda Penton says:

    Ughh frizz!! The weather has been so humid

  42. Barbara Hutcheson says:


  43. karla says:

    frizzy thinning hair!

  44. Lee-Ann says:

    The frizz..the frizz..the freaking frizzy frizz. =(

  45. Lucy says:

    dry and drizzy hair

  46. Heidi C. says:

    My thin, frizzy hair!

  47. krystyl says:

    I hate when my bangs fly into my face while riding my bike… not safe!

  48. Karine says:

    I hate when they break at the end

  49. Tanya B says:

    frizziness from the humidity

  50. Holly Wright says:

    I have long hair and it is so dry and lifeless in the summer

  51. Donnas says:

    My biggest pet peeve is how frizzy my hair becomes.

  52. Jody Doncaster says:

    Long hair in the summer heat tends to knot up when it gets humid! ugh

  53. lelalacc says:

    the ends get really dry and I seem to have more breakage.

  54. Doris says:

    My hair gets really frizzy with the humidity.

  55. dorcontest says:

    Humidity makes frizzy hair. My hair gets firzzy, just at the back and is straight everywhere else. Yuch. 🙂

  56. billiondollarprincesss says:

    Gets dry and frizzy

  57. Eldon L says:


  58. Dreena says:

    I feel it gets oily faster.

  59. lp says:

    flat, dry hair. thanks

  60. Dianne Melnick says:

    dry hair

  61. Cassandra Gale says:

    My hair gets really frizzy in the summer.

  62. Triplets3 says:

    dry hair

  63. Ashley Lauren says:

    Flyaways and dry hair from the salt water!

  64. Sunshine g says:

    The dreaded summer frizzies.

  65. Anna W says:

    My hair gets very oily in the summer.

  66. Sean M says:

    I have no pet peeves about my hair

  67. Wanda Tracey says:

    My hair gets sun damaged in the summer because I am an outdoor kind of girl.

  68. BaileyDexter says:

    I hate it when I first wash my hair and the frizzy are there, then I try a few products and so far nothing is working so you put it up in a bun or pony.

  69. KawarthaLakes Mums says:

    Total frizz!! I keep trying different products, but I still look like Bozo the clown

  70. leanne m says:

    My hair gets frizzy.

  71. Lori Bazan says:

    The sun dries out my hair and it breaks when brushing

  72. melissafowers says:

    my hair is soo o dry

  73. Kayla Gilbert says:

    I have thick curly hair, but needless to say, in the Summer, the frizz is unbearable!

  74. Surso S. says:

    dandruff 🙁

  75. jemrah says:

    it is long and makes me hot – I can’t seem to do an up-do that looks nice!

  76. Etcetorize says:

    Is it bad to say I like my hair? I don’t think I have any pet peeves 🙂

  77. Chris Stockford says:

    that it sticks up!

  78. raynebow12 says:

    dryness and frizzies

  79. Cole says:

    Frizz.. or that it’s too hot to blow dry it lol

  80. Samorjj says:

    Just the dryness and lifelessness.

  81. Karen Evans says:

    My hair is kinda thin and long…the summer so far, just sort of hanging there. Most of the time, pony tails or braids.

  82. Nora Edmiston-harlos says:

    If it is humid my hair goes so curly that I look like a mop head

  83. Ashley O says:


  84. poAngela Tilley says:

    fine,thin hair

  85. Carol Denny says:

    Frizzy hair!

  86. wins4me says:

    My hair gets frizzy in the humid weather

  87. Krissy says:

    When it gets humid, my hair gets curly and frizzy.

  88. Beth says:

    It hangs limp and lifeless because it is so thin.

  89. Bernice says:

    this summer my hair has been pretty good to me lol so no pet peeves at this time

  90. Virginia Buck says:

    When it gets very hot and I get all sweaty, my hair sticks straight up.

  91. Robyn B. says:

    The frizzies!

  92. it gets oily faster, sun damage and dryness. Frizzy.

  93. Tiffany Steadman-Collins says:

    I hate how it gets damaged from the sun

  94. Katie Weber says:

    I love my hair, but my only pet peeve is that it gets greasy so fast.

  95. Ashley Caddell says:

    when it geys humid and my hair is crazy and stiking to me

  96. Mel Borhi says:

    The humidity makes me sweat and in turn my hair ends up being oily its very annoying

  97. Anne Derkat says:

    It gets a bit drier.

  98. heatherswanson says:

    rooster tail

  99. Ginger Gervais says:

    I hate that my hair is long and thick! When it is down on my neck it over heats me in the summer im always walking around in a pony tail!!

  100. Sandi Tymchuk says:

    My hair gets frizzy sometimes.

  101. Moongazing says:


  102. mbomb says:

    my hair gets frizzy all the time!!!!!

  103. Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux says:

    My biggest summer pet peeve with my hair is the amount of frizz it can produce.

  104. cheryl says:

    My hair gets so frizzy when its really humid

  105. Maggie Cheung says:

    No volume!!

  106. Janet P. says:

    My hair gets oily very fast in the summer months.

  107. Burcu Acar says:

    frizzy hair

  108. fionazuk24 says:


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  110. Jasmine Henderson says:

    My biggest problem with my hair in the summer is that it get frizzy!

  111. Michelle P says:

    it gets Frizzy!

  112. Dawn Walsh says:

    I dont have a pet peeve with my hair in the summer its the winter with the static

  113. Edmond Leung says:

    OH no. frizz. Elvis has arrived. Thanks for the awesomeness, the contest, & generosity.

  114. truckerofbc says:

    Sweat and Dirt and Grime from Dust

  115. Ashley Irby says:

    It’s so insanely thick! Thick = Big Frizzy Mess! 😛

  116. Pat Drouillard says:

    thick and frizzy

  117. Mellissa Masbaum says:

    so frizzy!!

  118. flowerchild23 says:

    It gets frizzy.

  119. Helisa Duplassie says:

    It gets so dry

  120. janice budgell pollard says:

    the frizzzz

  121. Diana Flynn says:

    My hair gets dry!

  122. tara darity says:

    My hair is so dry and frizzy! I hate it!

  123. Darwin says:

    Greasy hair even though the hair is clean!

  124. mommakoala says:

    My hair is so frizzy

  125. r groen says:

    my wavy hair gets big and frizzy.

  126. Patrick Siu says:

    greasy hair

  127. Paula K says:

    Definitely the frizz

  128. Nicole says:

    Greasy hair from sweating!

  129. Midge K says:

    it get frizzy in the humidity.

  130. sunshine says:

    The constant washing, when it’s hot I get sweaty fast, and I hate the way it feels.

  131. jennifer57 says:


  132. alison j says:

    it is always getting in the way because its so long! its also very frizy

  133. Sara Sharp says:

    MUST be in a BUN! It is too hot at my place of employment for me to leave it down and for it to go POOF from humidity!

  134. Audrey Skinner says:

    The humidity plays havoc with my fine hair and it always looks limp and flat.

  135. Angele Francoeur says:

    My hair always curls with the humidity, even if I straighten it

  136. Maegan Morin says:

    Its frizzy and hot and horrible in the summer!

  137. Tracy says:

    I have very curly hair, and in the summer it can get very “frizzy” that is being nice about my hair 🙂 I do like it, but it can get very busy LOL.

  138. The_Happy_Wife says:

    Aside from it being thick and heavy, my hair is ok in the summer. My daughter’s hair, however, frizzes like crazy.

  139. Rose Santuci-Sofranko says:

    I don’t like when it goes flat!

  140. deniseklay says:

    My biggest pet peeve with summer hair is the curl doesn’t last or hold!

  141. Kassie says:

    I like in Florida, and the humidity is rough on my hair. I always have frizz by the end of the day.

  142. Marilyn Nawara says:

    The color gets lighter and lighter

  143. Nena Sinclair says:

    Frizzy hair when it’s humid or windy!

  144. Wanda Perrier says:

    having frizzy, fly away hair.

  145. heather m says:

    frizzy hair

  146. Jennpup says:

    Too much of it!

  147. raynebow12 says:

    frizzy and fly away

  148. Peggy E says:

    Having to keep it up because of the heat.

  149. Melissa Shaulis Mazzur says:

    It gets so curly!

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