How to Get a Picky Eater to EAT! #orangenaturals

picky eater

Moms, I feel your pain! I get it, I truly understand what it’s like to have a picky eater in your household. I understand the ups and downs of that roller coaster ride, the meal time battles and feeling like a terrible parent when I break down. Without going into too much detail, let’s just say that gag reflexes can be strong in our home. It’s a REAL challenge for the child as well as the parent. I want to also take a moment to address the fact that sometimes a “picky eater” has reasons for being that way. Some … Continue reading

Emergency Alert Me Bands from @CanadaSpd {Giveaway}

Alert Me Band Giveaway

Do you answer YES to any of the following questions: Does your child worry? Does your child have any form of anxiety? Do you have a child under that age of 6? Does your child panic easily? Is your child prone to wandering from a group or caregivers? Does your child have difficult communicating? If you did answer YES to any of the questions above, then I highly recommend that you purchase one of these Emergency Alert Me Bands for them! Each band has a place for the following information: Medical Information or “Alert Me In case of EMERGENCY” (e.g. … Continue reading