Homemade Peanut Free School Snacks

Peanut Free School Snacks

I wrote about how to prepare your child for taking their lunch to school when they are in Kindergarten. For most Kindergarten children, this is their first exposure to lunch bags and containers and I’ve shared some tricks to help them in their first few weeks. Now, we need to talk about WHAT to pack in their lunch bag! Many children (including mine) do not love sandwiches (other than peanut butter and grilled cheese), which makes it challenging to pack their lunches. The first few weeks are usually relatively easy, but come week 3 or 4, I often find myself … Continue reading

What Does Superfood Even Mean? {Giveaway}

superfood giveaway

I’m embarking on a new path right now in my life. I feel like this new path began way back last September when I started with Norwex. So many things have changed for the better since then! Now, my path is turning a wee bit, perhaps even a wee bit up hill as I am going to be tackling my health. Specifically, my nutritional health, by paying more attention to the food that I am eating. This is why I’m so excited to have discovered Nature’s Path Qi’a Superfood Snack Bars! Wherever I am in my day, they will help … Continue reading

It’s a @SummerFresh Twitter Party #FreshSnacks {Giveaway}

Snack n Go Summer Fresh

Be sure to RSVP for this amazing #FreshSnacks Twitter Party! I’ve been enjoying a daily snack of Summer Fresh Hummus and crackers. I am loving how this snack satisfies my hunger and keeps me feeling fuller longer. It is definitely a healthy snack option that is going to become a staple in my house. I love the Snack ‘n Go packs because it makes healthy snacking SO convenient. There are many children who would love to have a Snack ‘n Go added to their school lunch this school year. This is yet another FANTASTIC nut free way of getting protein … Continue reading

Healthy Snacking Options from @GHCretors {Giveaway}


I’m a snacker. I cannot get by on 3 meals a day, I need to consume smaller meals multiple times throughout the day. I’m always on the hunt for healthier snack options. I’ve always been a fan of popcorn and I was really excited when I learned of their healthy snacking line. This new organic line from GH Cretors uses only organic non-GMO popcorn, 100% organic oils, and pure sea salt. I have been enjoying the samples of this popcorn that was sent to me. It tastes just as fresh as the popcorn that I make with our air popper, … Continue reading

NEW #Danino #GreekYogurt {Giveaway}

This Danino Greek Yogurt has a delicious creamy, thick texture and is jam packed full of protein to make a healthy snack option for children. Danino knows what catches a child’s eye in the grocery store because the VERY first time that I went grocery shopping with my daughter after this product hit the fridge in stores, she noticed it. The bright and fun design means that children will more likely be willing to try out this new yogurt with out too much of a fight (in most cases). I say in most cases because my son is considerably more … Continue reading

No Bake Healthy Oatmeal Granola Bars

Healthy Oatmeal Granola Bars

I’m always on the hunt for recipes for healthy granola bars. I love baking my own muffins, cookies and bars for snacks. The fact that recipe is a no bake healthy oatmeal granola bars recipe is an added bonus. My kids LOVE to eat granola bars and often they don’t want to stop at just one. Knowing exactly what ingredients are in the bars that they eat make me feel much better about what they are consuming for snacks. I found this recipe for No Bake Healthy Oatmeal Power Cookies that I have changed slightly to create No Bake Healthy Oatmeal Granola … Continue reading