Moms Get Organized for Back to School {Giveaway} #countdownBTS

Back to School Hilroy

Not only do we have to get our children ready for back to school, but there are certain things that we as Moms need to do to get ready for the upcoming school year too! Back to School Supplies featured in the image above: Motherword Magnetic Calendar Five Star Boomerang Binder Perfect for your Purse Graphic Notebook Enviro Recycled Notebook Magazine Box Five Star Storage Pocket & Dry Erase (magnetic for locker) Five Star Tri-Pocket (magnetic for lockers) Small Supply Pouch ACCO Brands include Hilroy and many other popular school supply brands. Everything from calendars to binders to paper and … Continue reading

School Supplies Essentials

Back to School Dollar Tree

Earlier this week, I shared the opportunity to download a free printable to help you get organized for back to school. Today, I’m going to talk about shopping for school supplies. I will admit that I am a Dollar Store junkie! I could spend hours in a dollar store browsing up and down each and every aisle. I think my children have developed the same dollar store addiction that I have because they are more than happy to join me whenever I announce that I have to visit “the dollar store”. I’m so excited that Dollar Tree recently came to … Continue reading