Emergency Alert Me Bands from @CanadaSpd {Giveaway}

Do you answer YES to any of the following questions:

  • Does your child worry?
  • Does your child have any form of anxiety?
  • Do you have a child under that age of 6?
  • Does your child panic easily?
  • Is your child prone to wandering from a group or caregivers?
  • Does your child have difficult communicating?

If you did answer YES to any of the questions above, then I highly recommend that you purchase one of these Emergency Alert Me Bands for them!

autism bandemergency alert me bracelet

Each band has a place for the following information:

  • Medical Information or “Alert Me In case of EMERGENCY” (e.g. Allergy, Disorder etc.)
  • 2 Emergency contact names and phone numbers

The Emergency Alert Me Bands are made of an extremely durable nylon material and are fastened in such a way that the will not fall off easily, but they are easily removable from an adult.

I’m so excited to share that one lucky reader who enters the giveaway below will win one of these Emergency Alert Me Bands from Sensory Sensations Canada.

I have used emergency bands similar these on both of my children and I have to say that this particular Emergency Alert Me Band is the BEST ONE that we have used!

Alert Me Band Giveaway

Prize: One Alert Me Band (style of winner’s choice pending availability) ARV ~$21.99
Open to: Canadian Residents only
Giveaway ends: September 15, 2014 11:59pm EST

Could you child use an Emergency Alert Me Band?

Has your child ever been separated from you before? It is definitely reassuring to know that they can wear a band and someone can contact you on your cell phone (or home phone) in the case of an accidental separation, don’t you think?


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47 Responses to Emergency Alert Me Bands from @CanadaSpd {Giveaway}

  1. Jennpup says:

    My child would be happy, oblivious, and hard to locate! He has Autism and no sense of stranger danger. This bracelet would be wonderful!

  2. Brie says:

    He would panic and possibly try to search for me on his own.

    • I have always TRIED to teach my children that if they get separated from me that it is best that they put sticky glue on their feet and let ME try to find THEM. However, in that moment of panic, I’m not sure they would remember this advice!

  3. caryn s says:

    i think my kids would panic as they are very shy!

  4. Cheryl says:

    My 4 year old son would cry and panic.

  5. Monique Shuell says:

    My daughter is almost 2. She is quite independent and tends to run off, thinking of it as a game. I’m not sure that she would panic, but I think she would be confused, and try searching for us.

  6. Donna Makayak says:

    I think she would enjoy her freedom at first ,then she would start looking for us.

  7. Donna Makayak says:

    Shes 16 years old and she has asthma attacks so bad we have to take her to the emergency at times.

  8. Darlene Schuller says:

    My 17 year old would think she landed in heaven.. the 8 year old would panic and freak out!

  9. Nancy T says:

    Thank you, thank you, thank you! We’re heading to Disney this Fall and I’ve been trying to find something for my 2 girls. More my older DD8 that has Selective Mutism. She’s unable to talk to people she doesn’t know and most adults and wouldn’t be able to tell anyone her name, address, phone number etc due to the overwhelming anxiety she feels. My younger DD4 would likely be able to tell someone her name but wouldn’t be able to give other information – cell phone etc.

    • You’re SO very welcome – I just got shivers reading your comment, Nancy! I’m SO thrilled that I have helped you find a emergency wrist bands that will help keep your children safe. I totally understand Selective mutism and how scary that must be for you when she is away from you, so these bands would be PERFECT for her and they come in many different colours and varieties too! Oh and Disney – how fun!

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  12. krystyl olson says:

    My daughter would likely look around frantically and scream my name … not because she’s scared, but more cause she’s PO’d that she cant locate me …. this is a wonderful item that ALL families should have … my daughter isn’t Autistic nor does she have SPD, but she is diabetic …. taken from the site “Did you know that it takes roughly 5 hours and 41 minutes for a family member to be connected in an emergency?” scares the HECK OUT OF ME … being that she needs to eat roughly every 3 hours … getting her back in my arms, insulin, tester and snack ready AS soon as possible is SO important.

    • krystyl olson says:

      ALSO; thank you for posting about this great company!
      I am an ECE with my Special Needs Educator License, and it’s great to learn of new resources to share with my families

  13. Jennifer Higgins Thornton says:

    my daughter has epilepsy, and the seizures she have are non-convulsive but just as scary. She’s been known to wander.

  14. Shellie Clark says:

    I think my son would panic

  15. ivan mckinnon says:

    when my oldest granddaughter was younger she had panic attacks in the night and often sleep-walked to her parents room and just hollered. They awakened her and she would ask, “why am I in your room?” Thankfully, she’s moved past the sleep-walking but not the panic attacks and she is seventeen.

  16. Kayla Gilbert says:

    I think my kids would be terrified if they were all alone.

  17. lori b says:

    i am not sure, i would think they would be scared

  18. teeslee says:

    They would panic and be scared.

  19. Laurie Bolduc-Cadieux says:

    I think they would panic but would try to seek help from someone they can trust, like an authority or business.

  20. Michelle B says:

    My son would think it was a game as he has classic Autism (non verbal). He escaped from Special Olympics and headed across a busy road. This happened quite a few years ago on a Saturday at lunchtime.

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  22. Kristen Mcclary says:

    my daughter starts freaking out screaming when she doesn’t see us in the store! she gets so scared

  23. Brandee H says:

    He would freak out! He lost sight of me in Toys R Us today and started screaming, Mommy!!!! Mommy! I love this bracelet!

  24. raynebow12 says:

    my son is old enough and would not panic but I think my daughter would panic and frantically search for me.

  25. BaileyDexter says:

    My grandson would have sheer panic, he’s just a little guy so this would be great!

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