Foodie Friday: Individual Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake (Recipe)

Thanks to my friend, @LauralDawn, I tried out this amazing recipe the yesterday. I’ve made a few small changes to the original recipe and am so excited to be adding this to our breakfast repertoire. For breakfast, I had 4 strawberries, 1/4 cup of yogurt and 1/2 of one of these “cakes”. Yummy! Cookie Dough Oatmeal Cake from Chocolate Covered Katie The cake serves one – but I split mine in half. Here are my changes to the original recipe. I only put in 1 tsp of maple syrup and it tasted perfecto (and I have a HUGE sweet tooth! … Continue reading

Tackle It Tuesday: Getting Healthy is Hard!

Ok, so I just came up with a fancy and fun name for today’s post. “Tackle” could mean many things and this is what I like about it. On Tuesdays, I’m going to *try* to blog about something that I’ve tackled in the previous week. I might tackle getting organized or I might discuss how I tackled my Getting Healthy Challenge. I might even discuss something that I’ve found particularly challenging in the parenting world! Today, I’d like to discuss how I am tackling this “Getting Healthy” routine, along with a few challenges as well. Although, I tried to start … Continue reading

Becel Heart & Stroke 2012 Ride For Heart

You may or may not have read that on Mondays, I will be blogging for the Heart and Stroke Foundation while I take a journey to get healthier. I wanted to share with you another amazing journey that some of you might be interested in joining: Ride for Heart. By raising funds for the Ride for Heart event, you are helping to raise money towards world-class research helping Canadians live longer, fuller lives. I encourage you to register for the Ride before March 1, 2012. If you do, not only will you receive fundraising incentives, you’ll also receive a FREE … Continue reading

Let’s Get Healthy Together Week 1 (with help from the Heart and Stroke Foundation)

This post is written as part of a journey inspired by the Heart and Stroke Foundation’s My Healthy Weight Action Plan, an online tool geared towards helping you live a healthier life. This post is personal in nature. I am going to be talking about my health and overall well being. This is the first time that I have truly opened up on Multi-Testing Mommy like this. I would absolutely love your support and comments as I take this journey with you over the next few months. The Heart and Stroke Foundation has asked me to test out one of … Continue reading

Honibe – Honey Lozenge™ *REVIEW*

It’s that time of year again when it seems like someone in our family is always sick. We always try to have everything that we need on hand including a thermometer, fever medication and cough drops. I’ve been introduced to a wonderful new product that is made out of 99.9% pure Canadian honey: Honibe – Honey Lozenge™. I’ve been waiting for a chance to give these lozenges a true test and today was the day! I am sick. Yes, unfortunately I’ve got my first cold of 2012….already! My throat is sore and scratchy, I’m coughing up a lung and my … Continue reading

Kidz-Med® VeraTemp® Non-Contact Thermometer

It’s that time of year again when the kiddies start coming down with cold and flu bugs like they are going out of style. My daughter gets sick a lot. Despite our best efforts to give her the proper food, vitamins and sleep, she still seems to get hit with every single cold bug that flies through her school. This means we have to take her temperature A LOT! I remember when she was younger, we had a forehead swiping thermometer. We liked it, but we found that you had to swipe too many times for an accurate reading and … Continue reading

Vitamin Ddrops Booster (REVIEW and GIVEAWAY)

As the days rapidly get colder and gloomier (or at least it seems that way), it becomes more and more important that we all get a good dose of vitamin D! Ddrops has created a unique form of vitamin D called the Ddrops Booster. It is meant to be taken along with receiving some of your vitamin D from other sources (e.g. multi vitamins, food or the sun). Last winter, I started to give my children Ddrops in hopes that it would give their immune system a little “boost” and keep them healthier. Did we still get sick? Yes! Do … Continue reading

Children’s Accudial: Rotating Dosing Label (REVIEW and GIVEAWAY)

In Ontario, we have a telephone help system called TeleHealth in place for when you have health/medical related problems and you either:a) Don’t want to go to your doctor.b) Your doctor is unavailable and you don’t want to go or aren’t sure if you should go to the hospital.c) You want a second opinion. I have called TeleHealth a few times when I am unsure about one of my childrens’ fevers and one thing that I have learned from them is how to properly dose fever reducing medication according to weight. The problem is that children grow (like weeds) and … Continue reading

“Today I Ate a Rainbow” – Healthy Eating Encouragement for Kids!

Back in August, I wrote a post about a grocery shopping trip that my daughter and I took together where she asked me if we could buy enough food so that when we got home we could eat a Rainbow Snack. That afternoon, we did indeed eat a rainbow snack! I cannot express what a proud and happy Mama I was! My daughter actually ASKED to EAT A RAINBOW! This made me think of a company that I had seen around Twitter for quite some time, so I decided to contact them about my post and potentially reviewing their amazing … Continue reading

What Do Breast Cancer and House Fires Have in Common? (Giveaway)

The answer: Both are killers. And for both, early detection is key. FIRE FACTS: Eight Canadians die every week from fires, with residential fires accounting for 73 per cent of these fatalities. Sadly, many of these deaths could be prevented with proper placement and replacement of smoke alarms, carbon monoxide detectors and fire extinguishers. Cooking is the leading cause of house fires in Alberta, British Columbia, Ontario and Saskatchewan. Other common causes include electrical equipment, smoking and candles. Canada’s most trusted home safety brand, First Alert, has developed a new line of pink ribbon fire safety products. For each product … Continue reading