Sands Alive! Indoor Sand that Never Dries Out {#Giveaway}

Sands Alive

I am SO excited to bring to you this Sands Alive Giveaway! Over the Christmas break, I went to a party with some of my high school friends. One of the highlights for me, aside from visiting with old friends, was being introduced to a new activity for my children: Sands Alive!. The friend of mine who introduced me to it actually brought some out for us to touch and everyone in the room was floored with how amazing it felt! I was immediately convinced that my children would absolutely LOVE it! About a month later, I came across a … Continue reading

Artsy Play Wednesday #GIVEAWAY Hop!

We know you love doing arts and crafts with kids as much as we do! And even if you don’t, it is almost guaranteed that your children love arts and crafts! The four co-hosts for Artsy Play Wednesday would like to thank you, our regular readers for coming back week after week to link up and find new craft and activity ideas for the little ones in their lives. As a big thank you, we are sharing a giveaway where one lucky winner will receive a $50 Michaels Gift Card. See the bottom of the post for how to enter! … Continue reading

Literacy on Demand {Techie Tuesday}

Literacy and Technology go together hand in hand in this day and age. Last summer, as September approached, my wife (and your lovely hostess here) was more than a little bit panicked. You see, three years earlier, when our daughter was heading into JK (that’s junior kindergarten, or “pre-K” for some of you) she was already working with a fairly substantial list of sight words; not to mention her printed words were far above what was expected of a four year old. Our son? Not so much. Despite her best efforts, my wife could never engage him in literacy-building activities … Continue reading

Ideas for Keeping Kids Busy During March Break

You don’t have to go on a vacation away in order to have fun with the kids during March Break! We have compiled a great list of activities that you can do with your children, both inside and outside during March Break in order to give them a fun and memorable experience. My good friends over at Oliver’s Labels have a great post up with suggestions for some super fun Spring Break Activities for Kids of All Ages.Yes, we are an Oliver’s Labels affiliate. You could go see Scooby Doo Live in Toronto! (Hint, Hint: You could win tickets for … Continue reading

Frugal and Easy Indoor Snow Activities for Kids

Entertaining the kids during the winter months can be a sanity saver but it can also become quite expensive when you are trying to find new activities every week. Finding things that you can do with the supplies you already have on hand saves time – and money. Why not bring the snow indoors for some indoor snow activities? We’ve brought a new element of fun indoors this year when I decided to bring the snow inside and see what we could do with it. Do you have a water table outside? Bring it inside to the basement before the … Continue reading

Summer Sanity ~ Preparing for Kindergarten Part 2

Label Everything

Well folks, this post isn’t so much about summer, but because it is something that we must think about, I’ve still labelled it as “Summer Sanity”. Part of the end of summer is all about preparing for school. This year, my daughter heads off to grade two and my son starts Junior Kindergarten. A lot of people have asked me how they can prepare their little one to start school for the first time. I have spoken with other parents and am also pulling out ideas that I used to give parents when I taught Kindergarten. Here are a few … Continue reading

Summer Sanity ~ Preparing for Kindergarten Part 1

5 Tips for a Successful First Year of School small

This post is a part of Summer Sanity, a series of posts for parents to gain ideas and inspiration for how to keep their children happy, active, educated and having fun during the long summer months. I found the idea to do photo writing from a fun site called Imagination Soup. With my son starting school for the very first time, I was trying to come up with an idea to help him identify with his new school. I decided to change up the photo writing idea slightly and take him through a walk through of his experience of going … Continue reading

Teaching Kids Their ABCs and Dinosaur Stick Puppets

Dinosaur Stick Puppet

Children LOVE to make puppets and stick puppets are one of the easiest kind to make! Learn the simple steps to making a Dinosaur Stick Puppet. You can do this activity for every letter of the alphabet! Simply choose an object or animal that starts with each letter, find a printable image for that object/animal and have your child cut it out, decorate it and tape it to a popsicle stick. Wouldn’t it be fun to have a stick puppet for each letter of the alphabet? You could even make up a fun song!