Make Playtime Happen Anytime and Anywhere

Playtime Anytime Anywhere

Play is such a huge part of growing, learning and developing. I believe that this is true at any age, from babies, all the way up through school-aged children. There are so many advantages to play-based learning including the development of social skills, fine motor skills and creativity, to name just a few. Playtime Anytime and Anywhere When you have a baby or toddler, it is so important to be able to bring playtime with you everywhere you go, including walks, car trips and shopping. This keeps baby entertained, distracted and happy! And we all know that a baby’s happiness … Continue reading

Frugal and Easy Indoor Snow Activities for Kids

Entertaining the kids during the winter months can be a sanity saver but it can also become quite expensive when you are trying to find new activities every week. Finding things that you can do with the supplies you already have on hand saves time – and money. Why not bring the snow indoors for some indoor snow activities? We’ve brought a new element of fun indoors this year when I decided to bring the snow inside and see what we could do with it. Do you have a water table outside? Bring it inside to the basement before the … Continue reading