When I was contacted about reviewing a Go-Girl, I will admit that I was definitely intrigued. A GoGirl is a female urination device that allows you to pee while standing up. I giggled to myself as I tried to figure out exactly how to use it, but now that I have used it once, I’m a pro! It’s so simple. This little gadget is so perfect for those of us gals who have difficulty squatting and “aiming”, who camp, who ski and who travel in the car long distances. As well, if you are so inclined to carry it in … Continue reading

Product Review: Grill Daddy Pro

I remember one year for Mother’s Day, we got my Mom a bbq brush. At the time, somehow, my Dad had convinced us that this is what my Mom would want and we were genuinely excited to give it to her. You can imagine the confusion we felt when she opened it, started to cry and stormed up to her room for the rest of the day. Men! My Dad was always and continues to be a brutal shopper for gifts for my Mom. He still needs reminders of special dates too. My hubby is somewhat obsessed with bbq brushes. … Continue reading

Review: Skin by Monica Olsen

Recently, I was provided with a few samples of Skin by Monica products to try out. Am I ever grateful that have had the opportunity. I don’t know what I love more, the fact that all of the products are free of parabens, urea, alcohol, petroleum and other harmful chemicals or that they simply go on your skin so perfectly. Here is what I have tried: RESTORE MSM Facial Cleanser Orange BlossomComments: I simply LOVE the smell of this cleanser, more than any other facial cleanser that I have used. It reminds me of something from my childhood, I can’t … Continue reading

Product Review: Green Beaver Company

Recently, I was provided with a sample of nursing balm and massage butter from Green Beaver. This company is Canadian and makes products that are 100% NATURAL, BIODEGRADABLE, VEGAN AND GLUTEN-FREE. The products do not contain: Lanolin, petrolatum, mineral oil, paraben or hydantoin preservatives, artificial aromas, fragrances, flavours or dyes, phthalates, quaternium, EDTA, or propylene glycol. After reading their story, I was particularly pleased to learn that their philosophy is that if we cannot eat it, it is not good for our skin. This is so very true! The products that I like the best for my baby are the … Continue reading

Product Review: Mama Mio Skincare

I’ve sampled Mama Mio skincare products before, and I’ve been fortunate enough to try out even more! I have to say that using these amazing skincare products is definitely a treat for me. They work so well and smell so yummy. Here are the products that I was lucky enough to try out this time: Shower Cream Body Buff Shrink to Fit Wonderfull Balm I have to say that by far, my most favourite product was definitely the Shrink to Fit cream. It leaves your body tingling for hours after application so I am reminded that it is working hard … Continue reading

Product Review: Piggy Paint

Finally, a non-toxic nail polish that is safe for kids (and adults alike). Piggy Paint is a nail polish that is non-toxic, water-based formula that is hypoallergenic and has a durable finish. It is free of formaldehyde, toluene, phthalates, biphenyl A, ethyl acetate and acetone. It comes in a variety of colours and dries quickly. The Mom who created this product makes three great suggestions on her website for how nail polish can actually be educational. It can allow for fine motor practice if you are willing to let your child paint their own nails (or yours if you’re super … Continue reading

Information: The Yummie Tummie

There are many cool “shapewear” products out there, but here is one that is slightly more unique. It’s called Yummie Tummie made by Heather Thomson, the celebrity stylist who has dressed Beyoncé, Jennifer Lopez and P. Diddy. Yummie Tummie, the first shapewear brand that is comfy, sexy, and meant to be seen will visibly slim, shape and smooth you. It’s the first shapewear on the market that is actually comfortable enough to wear all day and evening. Visit Eat Drink and Be Yummie for a full list of all your favorite overindulgences, rate your favorites, and upload new indulgences, find … Continue reading

Product Review: The Belly Bandit

I found the most amazing invention out there for new Moms! It’s called the Belly Bandit. No matter what kind of body shape you had before you got pregnant, your body is certainly never the same after giving birth to your beautiful bundle of joy! That is where the Belly Bandit comes into play! The Belly Bandit is an abdominal compression wrap that helps to reduce the swelling of the uterus, decrease bloating caused by water retention, supports your legs & back and provides additional comfort and support for breast feeding moms. Of course, it isn’t a miracle worker, you … Continue reading

PumpEase™ hands-free pumping supports

My PumpEase™ hands-free pumping supports came to me just in time for pumping with my recent addition to my family. The PumpEase™ is a hands-free pumping support for Moms who don’t want to be tied down while pumping their breast milk. I really am happy with my PumpEase because it helps relieve the pressure holding a pump puts on my hands and wrists. I have problems with carpal tunnel which causes pain and numbness in my wrists and hands which gets worse when I am holding them in one position for an extended period of time. Being able to pump … Continue reading

Mama Mio Products

I received Boot Camp for Boobs from Mama Mio just in time to take care of my body after giving birth to my son. All of us Moms painfully know exactly what happens to our boobs after pregnancy. After my second pregnancy, they are sagging even more than before. I have been using the Tummy Toner and the Boob Tube for four weeks now. Admittedly, I haven’t been doing the exercises, but I do plan to start in the near future. The lotions made by Mama Mio are purely luxurious. Both lotions come in easy to use pumps. The Boob … Continue reading