The @NakedTank – an amazing tank for nursing mothers!

For many breastfeeding Moms, finding bras and tops that function well but that also provide enough coverage are sometimes difficult to find. Well, look no more, ladies! I’ve got the tank for you! The Naked Tank is an amazing Mom invented tank that allows nursing Moms to wear whatever bra works for them while allowing their tummy to remain covered! This also allows Moms to wear whatever fashionable top they want with the ability to nurse discretely too!Naked Tank Facts: made from rayon from Bamboo blend which maintains shape wash after wash bamboo is natures most sustainable resource and is … Continue reading

Happy Mother’s Day!

Feel free to read my Mother’s Day post called Open It With a Smile This Mother’s Day. There are some links to FREE Mother’s Day printables and some ideas about how to accept those lovely hand made gifts from your children. Pin It Check out Multi-Testing Mommy’s Current Giveaways Find contests for your COUNTRY

Open it With a Smile This Mother’s Day ~no matter WHAT it is!

I recently read this Guest post from Tales of Mommyhood over at One Sleepy Mom about appreciating our Mother’s Day Gifts. When a child makes a card or creates a gift to give you, they have already given you the best gift they possibly can: something straight from their heart. They have used their sweet, precious hands to make you something because they love you, admire you and want to genuinely please you. It might be difficult to place something that doesn’t look like professional decor up on your mantel to display, but think about how much pride your child … Continue reading

Travelling with Baby?! Check Out These Products! is a Canadian distributor of innovative, safe and high quality baby, maternity and children’s products. OYACO is based in Calgary, Alberta and ships its 26 product lines to over 600 retail and online stores across the country.Travel Friends NeckrestThis comfy and fun neckrest supports a child’s neck and chin, especially while sleeping during travel. We make a lot of long road trips and neck rests like these ones come in handy for when it is nap time! I love how there are hidden magnets so that this neck rest will sit in place. The reversible fabric has two different … Continue reading

Baci Mother’s Day Giveaway ($100 Spa Gift Card GRAND PRIZE)

Any Mom would be considered lucky to receive a box of Baci Perugina Chocolate for Mother’s Day this year!We were fortunate to have received some Baci of our own to sample, feel free to read the review of our thoughts! This Mother’s Day, enter to win the chance to spoil your Mom or even yourself! You could win a GRAND PRIZE of a $100 Spa Gift Card and TWO boxes of Baci Chocolate!!! What better way to pamper yourself or to be pampered than by some delicious chocolates and a visit to the spa?! But wait…..there is also a chance … Continue reading

Mommy-To-Be Soiree, Friday June 15, 8pm – 10pm EST

This is going to be a super fun event with lots of prizes (worth $100+ each)! Sign up on the Event Page. Sign up, invite your friends and we’ll see you on June 15th at 8pm EST on Facebook! This event is brought to you by momntot deals where you can find great deals, coupons, free shipping events and more! Pin It Check out Multi-Testing Mommy’s Current Giveaways Find contests for your COUNTRY

Fit Moms for Life: How to Have Endless Energy to Outplay Your Kids by Dustin Maher {REVIEW and GIVEAWAY}

A mother’s body goes through so many changes after being pregnant, possibly nursing and experiencing the hormonal roller coaster. Many women struggle with their new bodies after giving birth to a baby. For some women it takes days, for some women it takes weeks or months, for some women it takes years and for some women, their bodies never feel the same again. Getting healthy, truly healthy plays a huge part in feeling like yourself again after becoming a Mom. Fit Moms for Life is a “getting healthy” tool! Fit Moms for Life is a book written by Dustin Maher … Continue reading

The Mommy Hook {REVIEW}

The Mommy Hook has been a saving grace around our house. I have been known to carry everything around with me but the kitchen sink and the Mommy Hook helped me accomplish this. The Mommy Hook is a super large caribener that is padded to help parents hang items from their stroller. The carabiner is made of metal so unlike my other stroller hooks, it won’t break and it is so large that your stroller will fall over before you fill it up. I love to use The Mommy hook when shopping in the mall, but it is also helpful … Continue reading

Teethease – a brilliant and safe teether {REVIEW}

Why weren’t Teathease Teethers around when my kids were wee? I had to stop wearing any type of jewellery because EVERYTHING would go in their mouth! Teethease is a Canadian line of wearable Teething Jewellery. The line is dishwasher-safe, made from high-grade, hypoallergenic materials (FDA-approved silicone), BPA- and PVC-free, and contains no phthalates, heavy metals or latex. We received the Original Teethease Pendant Necklace for review in Pearl. I love how it literally will go with any outfit you choose! They are so much fun and unique, it truly does look like a regular piece of jewellery AND it is … Continue reading